Its raining!!!

It is raining so hard outside making me shake because of clod. Guess what I am enjoying the rain. A collegue at my office just came being wet. I wished I could go and dance in the rain. Being health conscious and of course because of being at office I am I can’t go there and dance. I wish I were at home..but mom would kill me….so I wished I had no bike…and no umbrella and I were walking in the rain. ( It is because I hate rain while driving so I imagine myself walking ). Seems todays rain’s gonna rock !!! and I am right now tuned to Times FM  ( Of course in my new mobile yes the touch screen Motorola…oh I ma loving it..but I really don’t know how to use it ) and finished listening to the romantic song “Tere ore” and RJ is informing about Katrina Kaif…let me change the station now..but seems a nice song…romantic of course something  “Apne to Apne” I have never heard the song. I need to change because this RJ is making me go mad ….

I am tuned into Radio Nepal..yes my office…ummm and I am hearing News..English ..but I think I cant hear this too because I need some romantic songs to light me up today coz the rain is making me go round round and round…..Yes I am feeling..feeling what..the cold..of course..but this coldness has something charm in it. I am little sick today. ( Times FM again and the song is Timi lai bhetne…timi sanga bolne by Nabin K. Bhattrai..tell me poo is not the song matching with the situation and did you get what Sweti is feeling ).

Yeah..this season change is hard to handle by me evergreen…coughing….sneezing season…and this time right now I am missing hot coffee …of my mom’s hand….( I think poo is going for the another coffee break…and I am jealous…let me ask her…yes she is online and I am talking to her as well ). Outside it is raining..and I am feeling something. Something obscure…something so good to feel ….something ….yes something….here in the heart..( UGH!!! this RJ …comeon “doshain” she is pronouncing “Dashain” ..who will hear her…). Hits FM….and english love songs and would I be able to handle these overflowing feelings….GOD…..

Will be back in a while…I want to go outside and feel the rain….the chill not the drops of rain…

Hey I am back after few seconds…and seems the rain calmed little bit. Incessant… the word….Incessant..rain…and incessant feelings…they are all same for me…The sweet air waves and the cool breezes…and my cheeks are freezing…but my hand is hot because I never had cold hands in the severest winter…This song in my ear right now…though I have never heard ever…is so cool…its love song indeed…the lyrics is good too…”I am the man who can’t be moved”.

The rain has stopped I think…yeah…just few drops are falling…No, seems it has not stopped yet…..No coffee here at my one to give hot water..too but if it were Radio Nepal…so many cups of hot tea..but I never drank just a big glass of hot water is what I love the most. I am remembering to read “The Alchemist” …..

The weather is making me creative….and I am hearing Nepali songs in Sagarmatha FM…I love Nepali songs that are romantic…some are really good and I love peppy songs too. I just remember song matching with situation by Nalina Chitrakar..”Pani Pani bhayo Mero maan Pani “…( My heart’s too being watery ) Wow another song that I love in my ear ….Birano Pardeshi I don’t know who….but I love this song…and I know the lyrics..and I am humming too…”Bhana bhana ye birano Pardeshi”.

So, these thoughts are being generated in my heart..because of the weather so romantic and these extremely romantic songs are enlightening me to write..encouraging me to recollect my feelings..feelings so obscure…I don’t know what is this thing I am feeling..a chill in my heart…a cool feeling in my heart..I don’t know what I am feeling….something chiso…chiso(cold)…something so good…like drinking a cold coffee that day….while I was feeling so hot…

I wish I were at home..watching TV and eating hot hot things that mom would be cooking and Hot coffee…but hey would I be no I would not be…so I am happy here at office because My boss is not here and no one around me…the door is open and cool air is entering here at my is still raining…

I remeber some words  —–should I no let me write-: ” Cloud has sliver lining..and it ends up being rain, u do love rain right Sweta”.

Let me check has poo gone to another coffee break…..I am real jealous hai..poo please don’t mind honey…

Cold Cold Coffee !!! Nah!! Weather

I remember how I reacted seeing the cold coffee, actually what was it I really didn’t knew…then why did I ordered the Cold Coffee…because I was feeling real hot…that day..sun was burning me…and I didn’t wanted to drink hot and feel the heat. I thought lets give a try and I had ordered the Cup of Cold Coffee and that was so pathetic I couldn’t drink it whole…aba coffee pipe le khane bhanera malai k taha ( How could I know that Coffee is also dranked with pipe ) Moreover there was icecream…I have planned I would never drink a Cold Coffee because till I reached home my stomach was paining and I was perhaps suffering from a gastric attack….and what else I could do othere than say…I hadn’t eaten anything and that is why I am suffering from gastric…I lied….LoL and took medicine…yes Ranitidine…which has a permanent place in my dad’s medicine box. But the coffee was awesome I must say….there are some obscure reasons and I don’t want to disclose it here.

Well…Well…I was taking about cold but No, I hadn’t wanted to talk about Cold Coffee…perhaps I remembered something…I wanted to talk about the cold that is making me feel some thing romantic..actually I love this season or say this time period that neither its too cold nor its too come on Iam not talking about Spring season…but this begining of the winter season…and I loe this time period a lot…this is too romantic and when it rains in winter then…then  I loose control…I wold be in a state of tranquility and I love this part of nature…what ??? how it tranquilises me…a lot…I love the winter rain….just love rain…( but hate while driving )

I felt same coolness today…yesterday it rained whole day and today I was searching my winter clothes thank god I could not found it anywhere….and guess what it was so sunny today till I guess 3:00 PM. Then what again rainfall started and filled the atmosphere withsuch a calm that I was in tranquility yes I was…intoxicated….I loved the feeling of feeling what I don’t know…feeling of intoxication ofcourse. Thank god it was not raining while I was driving and the air I was feeling was awesome..I was feeling the cool breeze and my whole body and soul was feeling a sense of coolness…no I didn’t mind today’s jam…actually I was feeling nature..within me…I wanted to actially flow my arms…and run wildly…to feel the coolness of air…and hoped that there would be some drops of water from above sky…rain ofcourse…and I getting wild…running…running..runninga nd feeling and feeling and perhaps collecting the feelings in form of words…

This was a dream and I was driving…and when I was driving too I felt this calm and a sense of soothing pleaure came to my mind….I was enjoying the weather and this first feeling of cold weather…Actually I hate cold…when it reaches Jan and Feb ( my birth month ) because it is too cold…but I just love this signal of cold weather coming….some how not cold but too cool to be so cool…and I am hearing this hindhi song…it sounds too cool too..and enlgihtening…damn feelings…damn feelings

I really enjoyed driving today after feeling so cool after so many months of heat and hot weather which I dislike..then what I like is the question..I  like neither heat nor cold…but I need to accept…no I like them all…no I don’t what say..I have to accept….it…but I always like this kind of begining either it is Summer or winter or monsoon….I love the rains and that is why I never carry an umbrella….I love being wet …..

I welcome this cold weather again in my life…Life runs anyways…either cold or heat…anything happens…life runs….life should run…and perhaps I am doing the same….LOL. ( But to tell the truth the Cold Coffee was magical….I shall cherish it forever )

Thinking to write

Actually I wanted to write a poem, then I thought I need to write something else, I have already posted a poem then I thought to write something else. Yes blogging has become a passion my friend thanks for teaching such an wonderful thing…I am really enjoying it. I told this ADSL sucks….really…It was so hard to open a page and perhaps it is working or not working..thank god this page has opened. Guess what I am not feeling sleepy…it is 10:05 PM…its some forty five minutes I am back from office..and I must have been tired but I am busy typing these words here. ( Also I am listening to song a hindhi song..Pal Pal..dil ke pass….Mei saas leta huu..teri khusboo aati hai..)

After many days I am listening to the song and when I listen song then I want to write…but I never write what I am feeling when I am listening to the song…So, should I write about my feelings here …what I am feeling hearing this song Pal Pal..dil ke …Passs….no I am not writing the feeling..( Shhhh secret….). Listening song is letting your tiredness gone…I want to remove this tiredness that is why I am busy typing words here and listening to these songs….( I need to leave these hindhi songs I think…they are making me contemplate…)

“It must have been love” I like to hear this song time and again because I love the song simply…

So, I was thinking to post a blog here…hey I think wordpress is not working too …( Damn..this ADSL…it sucks….). I think I need to copy all those above words if I want to save my typed words..hey it is working now…I am also chatting to a friend….It is 10:15 now…I am not feeling sleepy..No college tomorrow so no need to wake up at 5:00….( I hate to go to college…)

I am enjoying my work at Radio Nepal a lot because I love the work environment there and it is so fun working with the real senior people..Komal Oli fo example..we call her Komal Didi and she is a real good woman..she speaks so sweetly…so lovely …and other all are too good people…I am just desperate to go on air..but I am fearing the studio so much…my voice…one can easily figure out that I am too nervous…I need to improve a lot. I need to go on air…I need to read news…

So, I think I am too tired now and I am feeling too sleepy too..this song in my ears ( Eddie Vedder with Nusrat Fateh Ali khan..The long road) is making me feeling sleepy too. Oh…Streets of love….I love this song so much…I am not sleeping that means…..the song potrays me…my feelings…and the word street hits my heart….kaso  ??

I was thinking to write and I don’t know what I wrote..I didn’t had any topic to write..but this passion of me and it makes me to write the more I think..the more I want to write. By the way..When my college is going to run our classes..

In the name of Protest

Just fired at Nepal Telecom today I am because they had cut our ADSL, so I was not able to use net today either how I hard I had tried. I could have gone to my day office but I couldnot because there were fires on the road. There were burning tyres…I wonder how could that be. We need to head toward our destinations…We need to work. In the name of prostest we suffer, who do not even know why they are protesting afterall ? Is not there need of the systematic way of protest. I remember Gandhi Ji…I don’t know why ??

I was not scared for the first time. I didn’t feared to drive on the road where the fire was burning. It was at Teku, as I was heading towards office. I wanted to go to office , Suprised?? Yes there are some reasons. So, I dared because I am a media worker today. So, I was not fearing the riots in the street. There were so many two wheelers. Lastly I gave up. I wanted to the other way , that will take me to Thapathali directly , I met a friend there, not a friend actually but I know the person, he suggested me to go home because the road was too disturbed. So, I changed my mind not to go to office today.

Roads!!!!! is that only the place to protest, the condition of the road was too pathetic. There were people like me who need to go to work or other things and there were people on the road who want us to stop. I hate this violence. They are throwing stones, beating eachother, burning tyres and protesting. I don’t know why people do this they destroy so many things. The road today was looking like a maze because I found myself driving like it were a maze. There were so many burning tyres through which I needed to pass and moreover the road seperators ( I don’t know what that is called either in english or in Nepali, I am saying the blocks that seperate the two side roads ). Those were all fallen some were even broken. That was making it a maze.

Yesterday I too made the news for the same protest. I know I need to go to my evening office now after an hour. I need to go there I hope the road condition is not as before. I will be going through the other road. I need to work, I need to write news about the protest.

I am furiuos today at those protestors , Why there is no other option than road ??Why they stop us ??Why we can’t go to work and sit at home being idle. I didn’t had anything to do today but watch TV. Thanks to inverter at home. There was no electricity but I was able to watch TV. I hadn’t watched it for months….and after line came…this ADSL didn’t work…but thank god it is working now…because Dad just paid money there. hahah LOL

P.S. All days are not same…Perhaps we can do something for making our day. I srtongly recommend the protestors to find other place than road to protest. Don’t halt our daily routine. Don’t halt our lives…Please don’t its a humble request.

Updated-: I am back to home after my Radio Nepal Job , and I am still fired at those protestores. They have made the road a hell…stones all over the road, the faint smell of burnt tyres and also the rainfall had made it too pathetic to believe. I am the eyewitness believe me I have travelled the road which looked red due to stones. The condition was even more pathetic when I reached near Bishnumati bridge. Those people have thrown the garbages all over the road. I needed to travel passing the garbages and damn!1 it was smelling so bad. Why the hell they did so ? Why there was the need to throw the garbage over there on the road …do they not have to walk on the same road.

At my office too one dai as we were watching the riots in Kantipur Television he gave his views, this all happened due to unemployment. Yes, he is true either. But do not people have common sense that other are also there and they are not the only one.

I don’t know whether the protest is finished or not. But I am sure I will be fired if I wont go to office tomorrow.

Sano Sansar “Review”

Wow…I must say but still there are flaws in the movie. Sano cha gau …sano cha sansar…

Its one hour I am back from the movie…guess what !!! Yes you are right I am back here after watching the Movie Sano Sansar. I kept my promise to myself. This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself and I have gone for a movie lets say more than in a half decade. I loved the Hall expereicence too. Urhm…Jai Nepal Hall. I am sorry for myself that I could not get the Balcony tickets. By the way I still do not know the difference between Balcony and the Rear Stall where I got the tickets.

I was planning to go to watch the movie alone. Yes!! because I was desperate to watch after so many critcs I got for the movie in my blog. But actually that was not the review. Few words for Sano Sansar has made my blog popular.

The movie was awesome. Somehow the story I thought was about me. me and my internet passion, my unknown chat friends and my Online personality, though I am true in chat always but I am not that kind of person in reality. A reserved I think. The story of “Lost Angel” and the “Hot Guy” reminded me of my own story and moreover JAVA coffee House….it was the story retold.

The movie has some flaws definitely because it is just first try of Alok Nembang, but everything is fine with the movie. I was wondering that the people I am seeing in the big screen of Jai Nepal Hall were speaking Nepali language and there was Nepali songs so wonderful, the place Kathmandu and the Nepali people. The movie lacks good script though because Ifound the whole movie about Ravi and Rhitu only, the dialogue between two…something like that. I was expecting other people too…such as “Siza” another character in movie, getting his love, “Suraj” getting faliure in love,,,Nir Shah not dead or could see his daughter marrying Ravi, his idol guy.

The movie is a nice entertainment, I , I guess who I, Sweta could sit in a place for two and half hours or more and watch the movie without loosing patience.( I watched Dark Knight for some 30 mins…Hancock for some 15 mins…I dont even remember which was the last movie I saw..I think OM Shanti Om…back in April on the election day that also half ). By the way the comedy scenes were too nice but I found Nembang being a little bit or being liberal and this is other faliure in the movie. Though the movie made us laugh so many times, those I found unnecessary.

The movie didn’t suck. It was not as expected because of lack of script. But I found the hard work there in the movie. Real real hard work, dress ups were cool…too cool…Namrata Shrestha was looking gorgeous…what to tell about Mahesh Shakya..aka Karma…I am in love with him ….hahaha LOL…especially his hair…Our Kathmandu shown beautifully, I found it interesting.

It is the movie for the young because it is about “us” like people, me like internet freak or chat a blogging freak.

Though not as expected, having little flaws, the second try..lets say after Kagbeni…is real good. Everything is good in the movie. I wish I could watch the movie once more, in the name of encouraging directors like Mr. Nembang. Actresses like Namrata Shrestha.., Mahesh Shakya…Jivan Luitel has also done a wonderful job. His character suited him a lot.

The other thing is lack of story element , lack of characters and lack of action in the movie. Because there is no perfect plot where the movie can stand. But Music is mind blowing every songf is good to hear.

Overall the movie is well made,and a nice entertainment buzz..Hats off to the cast and crew…Sweta loved the movie.


Uncertain is life and life is uncertain

The pain is uncertain and the gain is uncertain…

The sense of enlightening words are uncertain…

The happiness is uncertain and the sadness is uncertain…

Uncertain is life and life is uncertain….

The words bounded to hear yesterday were uncertain…

The first sense of emotion is uncertain….

The hatred is uncertain…the love is uncertain…

Those eyes were uncertain…those arms were uncertain…

Uncertain is life and life is uncertain….

Uncertain is the wind and the cool brezzes….

The weather is uncertain. I know it can rain anytime….

I know sun can rise again uncertainly….

Uncertain is life…uncertain are transistory feelings..

Uncertain is life and life is uncertain….

Unnecessary words were uncertain…

The feeling of hate was uncertain…

The refrain….yes the refrain…is uncertain

Uncertain is life and life is uncertain….

You were uncertain and you are Uncertain DW…

I tell you this I am uncertain too…DW

Sano Sansar – Housefull !!!

Yes the wait was over today. After all I was planning for a movie, that also a Nepali movie “Sanso Sansar” directed by my very favourite person Alok Nembang. I had watched his Century Top Ten and I used to like him as a child , should I say my childhood crush, that would be too weird. As I grew up I didn’t found Alok Nembang anywhere but I guess he had acted in “Numafung” I may be wrong. But the name was in my mind and when I knew he is making Sano Sansar then I was more than happy. I had really waited for Sano Sansar, as I had waited for Kaagbeni. Kaagbeni yes couldnot meet my expectation but it is a wonderful movie that’s for sure.

I could have watched Rock On!! ( another Hindhi movie ) which is saved in this computer but I want to write so I am writing here for Sano Sansar.

I had gone to a movie theatre only twice one I saw the movie called “Tarkeeb” of Nana Patekar with sisters at Guna Cinema, when I was in grade 8 ( I remember that I had exam after a week that time ) and then I had watched “Dhai Akshar Prem Ki” with my friend Ankita FOC ( hahah Free Of Cost ) nearby my home at Metro Hall ( Owned by my father’s friend ). As for Dramas I have been to Gurukul many a times.

I got a call from Sunu to book tickets at Jai Nepal ( ooooo!!! Jai Nepal ) for four of us on Thursday. I was happy after all I was breaking record by going to a movie theatre. But to my dismay, I forgot to call the Hall as she had told me to book tickets and poor she called me at 6 and says furiously that she has changed plan for Saturday ( today). I tried to call but the 50%  discount show was House full. Then What say!!

I told Jun hall gaye ni bhai halyo ni ta ( We can go to any hall) and she told YAAK !!! Chiii…and then I suggested that if we could go to “Garden Of Dreams” and I told her too but my HiFi friend told its sooooo sunnyyyy…aba K garne ( what to do now ) , We needed to cancel the plan. There is no heartbreaks because we rarely fulfill our promises and may be I have no intrest in hanging out with them. ( I am missing Sanju we used to hangout nearby Kritipur at TU, eating the pani puris in discount…screaming..shouting…calling many people from our CEll and it was real fun…I really miss those days).

So, I planned nothing for this Saturday, I am not washing scooty because I had given it for servicing and it is shining so much. Then as there were so many shouts and I wanted to go away and I wanted to escape. I called Seema, my friend and ask her that Sano Sansar herna jane ( Lets go to watch Sano Sansar). She agreed and we agreed to go to Guna Cinema Hall, where my brother usually goes on Saturdays. But today he was not going and also was telling don’t go there go to Jai Nepal. Hyaa I told jaha here ni Flim herne ta ho ni ( Where ever we go we will watch the movie only ).

Dismay, Scooty was not getting start, but I managed after all I had really wanted a escape. Then I picked up Seema from Balkhu, we went to Mahalakshmisthan then after Bhairavthan and my Mamaghar ate naspati,kakro and anar and we headed towards Garwko, Guna Cinema Hall.

It was hard to park. I managed and What we needed topay first and I did that. Then Took out money and went to the counter. I saw the notice “Teen ko show Sano Sansar Housefull” ( Three’s show of Sano Sansar is Housefull ). I tried to ask by paying more and what could I do by saying “Rock On” herna hunthiyo bhai le computer ma save garera rakheko cha ( We could watch Rock On but it is already saved in my computer by brother ) , and Seema too had already watched the movie twice. 

What we could do other than headed off from there frowning? Where we could go now ? We laughed at our helplessness. I was laughing even more because I could not watch the movie after so hardship…of course Petrol !!!!!

Poor Sweta could not watch the movie. So no movie review today. I have promised myself the ticket of Jai Nepal ofcourse Saturday’s.

P.S. Hahahahahahahahah really funny…..housefull…

A lazy life!!

Perhaps I am the laziest person in the world. But more than me it is my brother Bishesh that he tops me in laziness.

Everytime it is same and finally this time is also his exams are finished. This time it is Entrance of Engineering. I hope that he will get admitted in that Pulchowk campus and I want to see him driving his Unicorn…not a scooty pep indeed. Tara naam ta nikalnu paryo ni ?? ( But he needs to get his name out). I want to see him fulfilling his dreams and his desires. It was the day when dad told that he will be buying him a Bike if his name would be out in Pulchowk entrance. Then it was the day his study began. Each day this boy waited for the exam day. This lazy bone slept at 8 and hardly woked up at 4.

At first dad shouts Bishesh…Bishesh…Then…Mom’s turn…Bishesh…babu….babu…Chiya khana utha ( Get up for drinking tea). Till then I get too disturbed and then my shouting comes hyaaa…malai kina uthayeko ( Why you wake me up?) . Ye Bishesh uth vanya ( Oh! Bishesh get up ). Then he puts his light on. Then dozes ……and this lazy boy….then listens to music …in the morning.

He always promises so many things that he will fulfill after finishing his exams and till then he is the king. In his lazziness only he finishes his exam and then he forgets his promises. Then his lazy life again resumes. He never cleans his stinking dirty room not less than sungur ko khor ( Pig’s shed). But this time Iam amazed and surprised that he cleaned this time. It was real amazing and more amazing was the fact that this boy was not seen whole day. Then around 7 he came back saying he had went for swimming…He had swam whole day??? Is this he enjoying freedom.

Freedom has a different defination for him. He is strong in his desires and not chicken hearted like me. So, I admire this part of Bishesh a lot. His freaking style of indifference and enjoyment he seeks and finds out. Perhaps he might be going to sports classes…..

So, I was talking about laziness. I am feeling real lazy to go to college. Also I am feeling lazy to go to office. Then what would I do to satisfy my heart and be away from this laziness. Perhaps sleeping is my favourite. But as my habit I could not sleep more than 6 in the morning and at day time I would really love to sleep but I don’t because deuso sutyo bhane motaiincha re ( you will increase weight). But I remember a day when I had slept for the whole day since 11 Am in the morning till 630 PM. I don’t know what had happened to me that day and again I ate night meal and slept at 8:00. This was real long sleeping in my life which I had never done since.

So, I have done something in my laziness. I wrote something. I am happy for that. ( This hand is paining a lot still)

P.S. I am hopeful towards Bishesh’s result.

Watching a Painter, a moment for life

Yesterday was a good day indeed. I have always cherised art. Art is something I love and I want to be an art critc too. I love paintings and I love them a lot. I had never seen anyone painting but yesterday. Yes at Gurukul only…and I dared talking to that gentleman. I took his painting’s picture and took his picture too. Thanks to Bishesh for N82.

Art also preserves the same place in my life as writing and reading. Painting is is not just the drawing but pouring ones feelings in paper with the collage of mind, herart and life. Inside painting there is something that is beyond our life. We can’t imagine the happiness in art because in art the happiness is eternal and boundless. Art is eternal and life is temporal. An example in real life the trees dies and people die, happiness is temporal but something that is captured in art remains forever. Trees are always evergreen , childhood is forever in art, youth is forever, life is immortal. So, art is great really for me. ( These are the word that I had scrribled in the pages of my diary around 2061 B.S).

Yesterday, I first time saw somebody painting and the view was absolutely stunning. The colours he was using on the canvas and painting. I gazed it like I have seen something unnatural. I am sorry for the painter because I gazed him a lot. His every moves are fresh in my mind and I shall make this experience private forever. His moves, his brush, his colour, his moves, his brush, his colour and his complete painting. The painting was so good the combination of colour, emotion and feelings. It was abstract painting. The emotions were so enlightening me and I was moving with the brushes of the painter.

I was talking with a stranger for the first time, asking with him that Could I take the picture of the painting ? And also asking was that canvas ( I have never seen canvas). I did a little chit chat. It was so good too.

Artist is definately the creator of the beautiful things. The painting was very much beautiful. I fell in love with the painting. I should thank my friend for the moment. This would certainly be an experience for a life time. I shall cherish this forever.

P.S. I just loved the painting….Is it my another new passion???

Again at Gurukul!!!

Perhaps blogging has become a passion!! I want to write and write.

Today I again went to Gurukul to watch the same play called Karnali Dakkin Bagdo cha ( Karnali moving southward). This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself. As in earlier post I have told in P.S. that I am going to watch the play for the second time. And I am so proud that I did that. After an accident too!!!! Yes I had an accident today that taxi hited me and didn’t cared. I broked my baby bride’s looking glass and my right hand is paining a lot ( Yes while I am typing these words too , damn its paining so much.)

I knew I would have an accident today. My heart was saying it something is going to be happene bad ofcourse and I was so scared today. I am thankful to god that nothing serious happened to we both ( me and my baby bride ). As I told I am so stubborn I proved it today I must say I proved it to myself.  ( Oh the leg is paining too and my poor hand its paining but I am not gracing it because I am writing and I can’t compromise)

As I was blogging before I went to Gurukul and I was doing this and that, I became little late. I reached there as I had given time to my friend. But to my dismay there was no “Wallet” and no wallet means no money and no license. My new friend recognized me and I was suprised but as there was no wallet of mine I was busy searching. I am sorry for my friend that I didn’t noticed you. What could I do then I needed to go back home and take my wallet? ( Ah!! this hand is paining so much dammed).

Aba pani napare ta hunthiyo ni hai? ( Wished it had not rained )…I hate putting raincoat and it was raining so hard. But I love being in rain ( not while I am driving). I had put on my jacket and while I reached tirpureshwor it was really raining hard. I was challenging this Pulsar guy LOL!! How could I win guys rite tyo pani Pulsar chalaune…!!!( one who drives pulsar). The rain was hard to handle. It was a big rain indeed. My mom had wished I would not go there. She didn’t told but I knew that she would not like me to go again. But see my stubborness I didn’t let her speak a word and I ran away.

I know I was driving so rough, so fast. I needed to reach Gurukul as fast as possible. Then while I reached Teku , I was trying to overtake the Taxi , and that Taxi without using the side light crossed my way and made me fall on the road. There were nobody to help and I felt like laughing. My baby bride’s one Looking glass was on the road. But I didn’t really took care about the accident. ( The hand is paining a lot, Its hard to type). I needed to reach there at time and I reached without a glass of my scooty ( I was remembering the one glassed scooty pep of Mallika Sherawat in the movie Ugly aur Pagli, my situation was same)

The I reached there on time. My hand was paining and my legs were trembling so fast, my heart beating faster because of fear. My hands shaking. I controlled myself. I didnot told this to my friend.

Then as usual the play started aand my friend was the organizer and I felt proud that the one speaking was my friend. This is the first time I had watched the drama sitting at last and I was happy because I could see everything and hear everything.

But yesterday the actors forgot their dialogues and the fire was not burning, so it was little embarrasing. However the play was awesome as I have mentioned before.  It has seriously captured my heart. This time I didn’t cried but I was disillusioned again and I love my disillusionment. 

The above words were typed yesterday on 06 Sep 08. The light went off but the beauty of wordpress that the draft is saved and I am really grateful for this.

So, I am typing the words again on 7th Spe 08.  Actually I needed to go College. Yesterday’s simple accident became a new excuse for me for mot going to the college and guess what! I am really happy for this. The dress I had found and ironed is hanging in the hangar , I think I need to hide because Daddy doesnot knows that I had an accident yesterday and I know he has forgot that I had college today. ( This hand is paining today also, I am hopeful that there is no facutre.)

So, Karnali parody made me thoughtful again and I am screaming and shouting about the Karnali peolpe at my home. The play has captured my heart. This would be always in my heart. This would be my favourite forever and I shall cherish it for my life.

P.S. Disillusioned Perhaps….!!!