October hazes

Bad are the eyes which always set an old dream yet again in a new way. May be this way. May be that way. Ignoring the fact that the root is always the same. Don’t expect hands to wipe your tears –dear eyes! I am unable…my hands are tired already! You have always been  bad dear eyes as you always dip me in the ocean of imaginations! Far away from being real! Damn! The real world has always been a sad inescapable “reality”. Punishment all belongs to you –dear eyes!

Was it easy yesterday? Is it easy today? Will it be easier tomorrow? Some lives are destined to suffer. No wonder I belong to it. People call me happy girl, carefree, childish who enjoys every tit -bit of life. But have you ever noticed the layers and layers inside my saddest eyes! No wonder I wear glasses these days –which works! It works as first layer. I have been putting on kohl for ever such that the thin reddish line of my eyes — would be seen black. How long  will I hide myself with the veil of fake happiness? How painful is to smile when all you are is ….? Continue reading