Powerful Silences

Silence  communicates  May be more than the words~~ You heard me ~ didn't you?

may be more than the words~~ You heard me ~ didn’t you? Pic by: Niraj / Mumbai, India


One day I asked you~Why don’t you call me, text me? You answer~ is that necessary? Then we both laughed~ All we do is remain silent~ just deeply silent that surpasses the voice that needs to heard~because~ I probably don’t know the reason but may be sometimes silences are all that we hear! Especially you and me!

You tell me many times ~ it is through silences~ we talk more~more and more.

It was far away~ the point they met each other in the same color that one could not differentiate them from each other – they were dissolved in each other~ so open! There was the point where sea met the sky. When sky sees finds itself in the sea~ how will it feel? And when all those droplets travel in the form of vapor all the way to reach the sky~how will you feel oh! dear sky? To hold all those droplets and impregnate the clouds and then burst out again to fall in the sea~ how will it feel dear sea ~ to get back yourself that has travelled through the sky? Continue reading

Maya Mantra (माया मन्त्र )

The sweet symphony

Swings all over me

When you come and touch

The Wind Chimes

Over my head

In the form of wind

While the Vipasyana Vibes

Are flowing erratic

Head to toe, toe to head

Outside Chimes are tinkling

Everywhere ~ inside me ~ you are!

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Mr. Mischief

Eternally bounded in love

Eternally bounded in love — Pic by me somewhere around Patan Durbar Square

The calm eyes

And the warm vibes.

The sheer silence

And the tightened lips…


The sharing of glitzy smile

I saw your teeth for the first time..

And the smile …

It was mischievous then..

Still mischievous when I think of it now

Another round of silence..


The first tête-à-tête

And the words of your witty-ness

Enough to cast a spell of your mischief

Bewitched I feel when you speak and when you don’t as well


Magic of silent naughtiness

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