Above the clouds !!

Just want escape…with this hectic..some how hectic..or pretending hectic schedule of life..want to go above the clouds…

Escape..!! is my favorite word now..because I want to escape. I know exactly that  circular movement .. circle doesn’t have any ends, does it.

Moving since morning and till evening…

Who told Sysypus is not alive..He is alive. He is not mythical. Syspus is within us. We have so much preserved his presence that I sometime feel that I am a Sysypus. A circular movement, No any connection with any ends..on my own way..on my own path..walking like i know nothing. I have learnt to ignore things..I have learnt to boycott things. Continue reading


Beautiful ???

How it is easy to forget the past? A friend of mine told me long time ago that “You have two keys, one to lock your past and another to open your future”. By the way how it is easy to forget our past ?

Well not very easy than we think. Time and again past haunts us as a nightmare. It haunted me…. didn’t it haunt you ? Every time I try to get away from it  but every time I fail. Just instances are here and there every where… Continue reading

A year…..

August 7…..2008….

A magical day….guess what I started blogging….this very day…today is the very day….just 200(9)…..8 has been replaced by 9…this is evidence that its been a year…posting things here in this “Coffee House”….just a mere blog….

Unaware…I was….with just a suggestion….I opened…this…without knowing the meaning of “blog”, without knowing to use internet  other than chatting….( hehe)…. Continue reading

For you…..

The most common quote ” a friend in need is a friend indeed”

Yes, this post is for you two…the best ones ever…the best persons I have ever met… I am addressing a single you but that counts for you both….

To the best ones…..

Life without you is unimaginable…..

Definitely, Sweta is enigmatic…..

You know me in depth….

The best part and the worst part…. Continue reading