Ten Years of Blogging~ Happy Birthday Blog



I just finished my preliminary exams for my Ph.D. today and wrote so much but I still have to say you Happy Birthday- Dear Blog!!

Thank you, dear blog…for being there and pushing me where I am today!

Thank you, dear readers and the community back home…whom I am indebted to for believing me that I can write!

Here, I am … I have been writing for the past ten years!

With love,


On your 9th Year ~Coffee House

Dear Coffee House,

This has been a quite journey! I can’t believe it has been 9 years that I have with you. As you and I both grow together~we have faced so many things, from pride and sense of achievement to emotional breakdown! This year, I am using Moomin Themed Birthday post. I love this cartoon by Tove Jansson  because they are deeply philosophical and teach us about life and how to be happy in the simple and small things. 

Having said that, each year I complain I can’t write, I am not being able to write or I just don’t have time to write! But you have existed in all these emotional tantrums of mine because you know how much passionate I am about writing, reading! 

I have devalue myself~ I say to people I don’t have any hobby, I can’t perform any DIY, sing, dance, paint, crochet, and so on~but I never tell that I can write! I never tell them and to myself that poetry flows in me, never tell anyone that I am creating a fiction in my head with the striking conversation that I am having with them! And, never acknowledge myself as a writer because I seek validity from outside and what I have never done is validate myself as a writer, as a poet! 
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Happy Anniversary – Coffee House!

It feels like it was yesterday, I started something called blog and now it has already been Seven Years- For past Seven Years, Dear Blog you have been something my own like Woolf would say, “A Room of One’s Own”. Definitely a woman needs a room of her own actually men need it too. This blog has been my space- a room of my own, something that I own, something that I call mine – just mine. How easy it has been made by the technology? I would have scribbled everything to my small diary and locked it somewhere! But here in this space of my own, I not only scribble for the sake of scribbling but I also record my own country, society, me-myself – or let me put it this way- this space has been a way of recording a different history through a lens of a Nepali woman.  This is where I express the unexpressed feelings, the emotions and sometimes when my voice is not heard- this space becomes my outcry! And this is a space where I Excavate Freedom! Continue reading

Five Complete Years – Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source: Google.com)

Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source: Google.com)

Had always a flair for writing, reading — It started with writing diary — short poems advocating Child Rights then under the teenagey -whims — the poems turned Romantic– Whoa! Then it turned out to be secret letters or or secret love poems of love written for the then crushes (which were hyper-romantic) only to be read in front of best buddies — it was 2000- onwards. I still remember a line “He will be in Tuxedo and I in red flowing gown/ He asks why are you so shy/ You are looking at me that’s why” . I feel funny now!

After school friends were left behind and I went to seek my own destiny — all alone — Diary writing became rigorous. I wrote a lot of pages — of just everything — poems, monologues, frustrations or even about the movies I watched or places I visit or about my Chinese classes. — Then after learning Chinese language — to keep my diary secret I began writing in Chinese — It was 2004-6. When I look back it now — I don’t understand my own Chinese writing 😦 — but I want to read what was such a big secret for me that time — I really want to get back to myself.

Internet was so fascinating– Many friends were flying abroad — Many senior cousins were already in USA — Email writing became a hobby — Also when I had to write Emails to Dad’s frens on “penpal.com” – Email writing became a hobby. MSN became more lovelier — when you could talk with your friends Hi5 was so fascinating –then there was a section which attracted me — Journal. Then when I read my friend’s journals — I was so tempted to write my own. This was 2007.

2008 – Gifted with me this blog – a space of my own – a room of one’s own (Like Virginia Woolf said)– It was a crazy moment- suddenly you were on the web — blog was as much as like a personal website — your poems, stories, monologues are not just limited to you diary — it was accessible to a large swathe of public. More fascinating was your blog was on google too 🙂 :). Blog became a passion, craziness for writing evolved. It was also because people started reading you, praising your writings and making comments. Continue reading

Look who’s 4 today – It’s Coffee House :)

It’s your fourth birthday.. Coffee House

Aug 07

On the way to the fourth year is my dear Coffee House.

Feels like hugging this blog, this space, this room of my own and my everything.

What does blogging mean to me?

I would not have been grown this much, if it was not you my blog.

Writing, expressing the most saddest feelings and similarly the most happiest moments.

You have been part of life, part of my self development and setting my network.

You have been a space where I communicate, I meditate, I contemplate.

You have been recording my spontaneous and overflowing feelings.

You know how sensitive I am to things, people but it is you who taught me to handle it by expressing it uncensored.

You record my inner-self, my innermost part which many don’t know and sometimes things even I don’t know sprouts up.

You are there to support me to excavate my freedom, to support when I tremble and give me enormous courage to challenge things.

Without Blogging I can’t survive, without you my dearest Blog life is quite impossible.

Blogging has been a part of life now. I know- I am not that good writer, but this space has been my field where I sowed the seed of my writing and found out that it is writing something which I prefer to do, I feel comfortable and something I can’t live without.

My writing is in germinating phase- I know.

Yet A long way to go … like Robert Frost says .. “And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep”.

Wish you a very very happy happy birthday Coffee House.

Its your Birthday Blog :)

August 07

I am accessing you from a new country, so many things to share with you blog and few of your followers 🙂


You are three from today. Three year old. Now you are capable of speaking, walking, smiling, talking and everything. But still so many things are there for you to learn. You are still a kid dear blog.


Dear blog… I love you so much…so very much. You have been part of my life just as my soul. You are a second soul to me. It is because of you I have a space of mine, it is because of you I can express myself the way I want. You have been part in happiness, tears, anger, frustration, love, hate everything. You are not a child, you are my friend because with you everything is just share-able.


Years pass without knowing on its own pace but it gives more and more memories.. for cherishing it forever…

P.S. I love you 🙂 🙂


A year…..

August 7…..2008….

A magical day….guess what I started blogging….this very day…today is the very day….just 200(9)…..8 has been replaced by 9…this is evidence that its been a year…posting things here in this “Coffee House”….just a mere blog….

Unaware…I was….with just a suggestion….I opened…this…without knowing the meaning of “blog”, without knowing to use internet  other than chatting….( hehe)…. Continue reading