Happy Anniversary – Coffee House!

Happy Seventh Anniversary The Coffee House Revival ! Pic: Google.com

Happy Seventh Anniversary The Coffee House Revival ! Pic: Google.com

It feels like it was yesterday, I started something called blog and now it has already been Seven Years- For past Seven Years, Dear Blog you have been something my own like Woolf would say, “A Room of One’s Own”. Definitely a woman needs a room of her own actually men need it too. This blog has been my space- a room of my own, something that I own, something that I call mine – just mine. How easy it has been made by the technology? I would have scribbled everything to my small diary and locked it somewhere! But here in this space of my own, I not only scribble for the sake of scribbling but I also record my own country, society, me-myself – or let me put it this way- this space has been a way of recording a different history through a lens of a Nepali woman.  This is where I express the unexpressed feelings, the emotions and sometimes when my voice is not heard- this space becomes my outcry! And this is a space where I Excavate Freedom!

Dear Blog, You are my voice! You are the reason I took a baby step towards writing, expressing! You are the reason from whom I got this confidence that this tiny little girl can write, can express, can produce work that she can present to the world!  You are my space! You are the only space that I call mine! Sometimes I express my overflowing emotions full of love, sometimes tragic, sometimes you are the cure of my sadness, sometimes the cure of my tantrums and sometimes ~ the only thing that I think I own~ my passion and my pride. Dear Coffee House Revival Yes! You are my passion as well as pride. For being there with me all these years long! For being an important part of my life! For being a push factor in the literary life of mine! For just being there ~ just being there as the circle of my protection~ and a tool to excavate my freedom. Definitely you are the one through whom, I excavate freedom. You gave me a reason and strength to excavate my freedom, through the way of writing~

Wish you Happy Seventh Anniversary Coffee House!

Happy Seventh Anniversary of Excavating Freedom – Dear Coffee House!




2 Responses

  1. Many Many Congratulations Sweta ji, Actually not only you but I also revived my writing skills by seeing your blog, may be you will not believe but when ever I come into your blog it feels so calm and so contented as if i am living the era of Shakespeare or hearing the music of Beethoven through your words..
    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
    Peace Light & Love
    Suvas Agam

  2. Thank you for reading me Suvas ji!

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