In the eternally flowing river

of love-  the Sunkoshi

I dip myself in and

Get transformed into the

Eternal Sunkeshari Rani -the golden hair queen Continue reading

In the bank of Bhotekoshi ..

While you are stagnant, I find myself in you

While you are stagnant, I find myself entangled with you. ( Taken at Lumbini)

The dimming eyes and shrinking face,

Cheeks you have touched,

Do you remember how rosy they were ?

You promised me

To bring home the golden earrings,

That would light up my face,

And end Continue reading

Walkers- II

The wind blew and took away the footprints, but the footprints in the heart are eternal ..

The wind blew and took away the footprints, but the footprints in the heart are eternal ..

Yesterday was mystical, today is real. The fantastic world is dimmed now and it seems foggy. The walk is over and moments are always eternal. While, I start reminiscing the walk it gives a chill in my bones. Why we were talking in silence that day?  Somebody had told me silence speaks more than words, it happened so. The silence communicated, bounded the lives together by a weak-strong thread. Weak in the sense, it broke as the tomorrow came and strong in the sense though it broke it bounded us together for ever.

The blood in my veins ran so fast, but the feet were slow, that day. I can remember the intense flow of blood in the veins, had u felt the same? I can remember that you never looked at me with a straight eye; neither had you spoken a word in my admiration nor you asked how I was feeling. I was burning with intense passion that day and till today. Yes, I am burning till today like the wax which continues to melt on and on with the flame. You lighted the flame in me ~ the flame of eternal wait. The flame never stops. It burns on and on, till the eternal. I can never trace the fact that whether you are burning like me or not?

I tried hard to stop myself even while we were walking in the moonlight trying to reach the Goddess of love ~ the great Mayadevi, Continue reading