Sano Sansar “Review”

Wow…I must say but still there are flaws in the movie. Sano cha gau …sano cha sansar…

Its one hour I am back from the movie…guess what !!! Yes you are right I am back here after watching the Movie Sano Sansar. I kept my promise to myself. This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself and I have gone for a movie lets say more than in a half decade. I loved the Hall expereicence too. Urhm…Jai Nepal Hall. I am sorry for myself that I could not get the Balcony tickets. By the way I still do not know the difference between Balcony and the Rear Stall where I got the tickets.

I was planning to go to watch the movie alone. Yes!! because I was desperate to watch after so many critcs I got for the movie in my blog. But actually that was not the review. Few words for Sano Sansar has made my blog popular.

The movie was awesome. Somehow the story I thought was about me. me and my internet passion, my unknown chat friends and my Online personality, though I am true in chat always but I am not that kind of person in reality. A reserved I think. The story of “Lost Angel” and the “Hot Guy” reminded me of my own story and moreover JAVA coffee House….it was the story retold.

The movie has some flaws definitely because it is just first try of Alok Nembang, but everything is fine with the movie. I was wondering that the people I am seeing in the big screen of Jai Nepal Hall were speaking Nepali language and there was Nepali songs so wonderful, the place Kathmandu and the Nepali people. The movie lacks good script though because Ifound the whole movie about Ravi and Rhitu only, the dialogue between two…something like that. I was expecting other people too…such as “Siza” another character in movie, getting his love, “Suraj” getting faliure in love,,,Nir Shah not dead or could see his daughter marrying Ravi, his idol guy.

The movie is a nice entertainment, I , I guess who I, Sweta could sit in a place for two and half hours or more and watch the movie without loosing patience.( I watched Dark Knight for some 30 mins…Hancock for some 15 mins…I dont even remember which was the last movie I saw..I think OM Shanti Om…back in April on the election day that also half ). By the way the comedy scenes were too nice but I found Nembang being a little bit or being liberal and this is other faliure in the movie. Though the movie made us laugh so many times, those I found unnecessary.

The movie didn’t suck. It was not as expected because of lack of script. But I found the hard work there in the movie. Real real hard work, dress ups were cool…too cool…Namrata Shrestha was looking gorgeous…what to tell about Mahesh Shakya..aka Karma…I am in love with him ….hahaha LOL…especially his hair…Our Kathmandu shown beautifully, I found it interesting.

It is the movie for the young because it is about “us” like people, me like internet freak or chat a blogging freak.

Though not as expected, having little flaws, the second try..lets say after Kagbeni…is real good. Everything is good in the movie. I wish I could watch the movie once more, in the name of encouraging directors like Mr. Nembang. Actresses like Namrata Shrestha.., Mahesh Shakya…Jivan Luitel has also done a wonderful job. His character suited him a lot.

The other thing is lack of story element , lack of characters and lack of action in the movie. Because there is no perfect plot where the movie can stand. But Music is mind blowing every songf is good to hear.

Overall the movie is well made,and a nice entertainment buzz..Hats off to the cast and crew…Sweta loved the movie.

Sano Sansar – Housefull !!!

Yes the wait was over today. After all I was planning for a movie, that also a Nepali movie “Sanso Sansar” directed by my very favourite person Alok Nembang. I had watched his Century Top Ten and I used to like him as a child , should I say my childhood crush, that would be too weird. As I grew up I didn’t found Alok Nembang anywhere but I guess he had acted in “Numafung” I may be wrong. But the name was in my mind and when I knew he is making Sano Sansar then I was more than happy. I had really waited for Sano Sansar, as I had waited for Kaagbeni. Kaagbeni yes couldnot meet my expectation but it is a wonderful movie that’s for sure.

I could have watched Rock On!! ( another Hindhi movie ) which is saved in this computer but I want to write so I am writing here for Sano Sansar.

I had gone to a movie theatre only twice one I saw the movie called “Tarkeeb” of Nana Patekar with sisters at Guna Cinema, when I was in grade 8 ( I remember that I had exam after a week that time ) and then I had watched “Dhai Akshar Prem Ki” with my friend Ankita FOC ( hahah Free Of Cost ) nearby my home at Metro Hall ( Owned by my father’s friend ). As for Dramas I have been to Gurukul many a times.

I got a call from Sunu to book tickets at Jai Nepal ( ooooo!!! Jai Nepal ) for four of us on Thursday. I was happy after all I was breaking record by going to a movie theatre. But to my dismay, I forgot to call the Hall as she had told me to book tickets and poor she called me at 6 and says furiously that she has changed plan for Saturday ( today). I tried to call but the 50%  discount show was House full. Then What say!!

I told Jun hall gaye ni bhai halyo ni ta ( We can go to any hall) and she told YAAK !!! Chiii…and then I suggested that if we could go to “Garden Of Dreams” and I told her too but my HiFi friend told its sooooo sunnyyyy…aba K garne ( what to do now ) , We needed to cancel the plan. There is no heartbreaks because we rarely fulfill our promises and may be I have no intrest in hanging out with them. ( I am missing Sanju we used to hangout nearby Kritipur at TU, eating the pani puris in discount…screaming..shouting…calling many people from our CEll and it was real fun…I really miss those days).

So, I planned nothing for this Saturday, I am not washing scooty because I had given it for servicing and it is shining so much. Then as there were so many shouts and I wanted to go away and I wanted to escape. I called Seema, my friend and ask her that Sano Sansar herna jane ( Lets go to watch Sano Sansar). She agreed and we agreed to go to Guna Cinema Hall, where my brother usually goes on Saturdays. But today he was not going and also was telling don’t go there go to Jai Nepal. Hyaa I told jaha here ni Flim herne ta ho ni ( Where ever we go we will watch the movie only ).

Dismay, Scooty was not getting start, but I managed after all I had really wanted a escape. Then I picked up Seema from Balkhu, we went to Mahalakshmisthan then after Bhairavthan and my Mamaghar ate naspati,kakro and anar and we headed towards Garwko, Guna Cinema Hall.

It was hard to park. I managed and What we needed topay first and I did that. Then Took out money and went to the counter. I saw the notice “Teen ko show Sano Sansar Housefull” ( Three’s show of Sano Sansar is Housefull ). I tried to ask by paying more and what could I do by saying “Rock On” herna hunthiyo bhai le computer ma save garera rakheko cha ( We could watch Rock On but it is already saved in my computer by brother ) , and Seema too had already watched the movie twice. 

What we could do other than headed off from there frowning? Where we could go now ? We laughed at our helplessness. I was laughing even more because I could not watch the movie after so hardship…of course Petrol !!!!!

Poor Sweta could not watch the movie. So no movie review today. I have promised myself the ticket of Jai Nepal ofcourse Saturday’s.

P.S. Hahahahahahahahah really funny…..housefull…


Wow!! if I say this to me then it would be a serious cheating to myself. So I say it was nice.

Yes, I am talking about Kaagbeni, the first digitalized movie in Nepal I guess. How much I had expected from the movie was all in vain. I had a great desire to see the movie in Hall but I never got a chance because of my hectic schedule and come on I can’t go alone and watch the movie. I had no courage to go for the movie alone. So, my desire of watching the movie was never fulfilled.

I was happy that Kaagbeni was released in DVD and I am proud that I got to watch the original DVD thanks to Bishesh. After pleading with him for a movie in my Fast day. the movie was good I must say because it is the first try and I appreciate everything about the movie by my heart, seriously. But to my dismay I had expected so much from the movie. A lot more than a hindhi movie.

I really do not watch Hindhi movie at all. I do not have time to watch my favorite soaps too. ( or I am not allowed to watch ) So, I am always away from the TV and movies. Thanks to Internet at my office that I am not away from it anytime. I just love Chatting with my friends especially group chatting in MSN. ( It is always fun to talk with old friends)

So, I was talking about Kaagbeni..Kagbeni was a wonderful movie. The setting was wonderful, scenes were heart trembling. Everything about the movie was good. But I didn’t understood the movie. Perhaps it is because I have not read the story The Monkey’s Paw. But I could not understand it really. Is it that because I really watch movie less so I could not understand Kaagbeni. Also the acting by Saugat Malla, Deeya Maskey, Nima Rumba was good. But I thought that there was no accent that has to match to the setting and the plot of the movie. Puja Gurung was superb and the flirting scene was so good. She had a good accent as the character needed. But what about Nima Rumba and other charatcters themselves.  

The expressions except some where not so good. Perhaps they did not knew how to act in front of camera. I have seen Saugat Malla acting in drama. He was good in movie too. But there must have been a Bhote accent in his language ni hoina?? 

Either the movie coulnot meet my expectaions I appreciate this try a lot. I appreciate their hard work a lot and I have a respectful heart to them. All the crew , cast , actors, and everything about the movie. I am happy that these kind of movie could be made in Nepal. The music was too soothing, everything was good but I could not understand the ending of the movie and from where Nima Rumba came if he was dead  and from where the Monkey’s Paw came again. This must be illusion of mine and I could not understand this part.

But I was entertained and this is the best part of the movie I felt. And still I want to watch it for the second time so that I can understand the movie.

P.S. I really encourage this kind of things. After all we are increasing our horizons. I am waiting for Sano Sansar’s release.