About Me

This was written some almost 9 years ago!
Many things have changed since~but the love for writing never changes!
My almost Teenagey description of myself is a very fragmented piece or what my teenage self thought of herself~

First thing about me is I  perfect dreamer. A perfect Idealist but a strong Realist. A weak hearted but a strong minded, Crying most of times but Laughing each moment of life, Talker but Topper of class, Freedom Lover but bounded by own rules, A god lover but not superstitious, A bookworm but love to travel, Believer but skeptical, Naive but Strong, Talker but loves Silence, Violent but loves Peace, Crack jokes all the time but still serious in nature, Foolish but wise, Enigmatic, Definitely i m enigmatic, Ugly but aspiring to become beautiful someday for someone, wht to tell abt me The most big think about me is I am an optimist and a true Idealist What more I am a book fanatic I love my books so much and I love silence. I laugh so much and thats major fact of my character…..

I am new to blogging world. Writing has been a passion since very begining but not as now. Actually it started with diary writing. I used to write poems when I was very young but writing articles began late. But I remember writing letters..and showing it to my best friend who hated literature but used to appreciate them a lot. I wish I had collected all those but I could not…

So, the other thing is this I love writing anything…Perhaps I am always busy making mind-notes..so this is what I am doing here in this blog “write write and write” so that my overflowing feelings and emotions could get a shape. I write for myself most of times..my emotions and my feelings…but I would love to write about others too….

I created this blog on August 07..08…and I want to keep this thing till I am alive..lets see what happens and what can I do…

64 Responses

  1. Dear Sweta !
    at last i got a oppertunity and leasure time to see your website.
    I wonder as well as happy, seeing your endeavour, -creating blog and…..writing and publications such comendable works. First of all i would like to apreciate by my heart. Plz accept it.
    actually, i love to read and perhaps……good literature… but it is my weakness i cant properly make comments and analysis. Acctually, i cant properly understand and explain English literature really.
    The condition of nepalese literature is immensely poor due to the lack of profesionalism. English is not our native language. though, some writer successfully established in this field. I can see a brooding talent within you. Futur will show the result. I heartly wish your success in your commitment. May god bless you in every walk …….
    I did not mind when you rejected to know me some days before. perhaps you may forgate…..you may confuse who am I? actually, we talked only one time….a busy and …….a person who has so many friends cant be able to remember….
    thats ok…really I dont mind.

    forgatten brother
    kamal p pokharel

  2. great
    I like this “about me” page.
    you have nicely described urself.Its gr8 that u have started blogging and I wish u luck for its eternity .

  3. “I created this blog on August 07..08…and I want to keep this thing till I am alive..lets see what happens and what can I do…”

    World has always remembered and the nature is always nostalgic on what human has done. Ofcourse your deeds will do live for ever….

    I was privileged to see you site through facebook.



  4. Happy New Year 2009! it’s exlactly 2:26 am

    i got prob with my browser so, it’s being difficult to type here…coz i don’t c half of wat i’m writing… facebook and gmail rn’t opoening…

    i believe tht u won’t mind if i wish u here a very very warm New Year….two of ur latest articles r to be read… as soon i finish typing here i’ll read them and go to bed…

    have a prosperious life ahead…

  5. hi,
    recently i saw ur site.
    where i saw urs different articles which i like it.
    & also read urs biography too.
    ramro laghyo pragati gardsai janu mero shuvakamana cha.

  6. “Talker but loves Silence”… U r like me here..!!!

  7. I wish i could write some intresting poems like for aakar to you….let’s hope for a deep blogging relation between us ….let’s see whether the dream comes true in future or not ….hope for the best

  8. Hi Sweta, I am a facebook User named: Vishnu Pyakurel.
    All m sayin iz, m mch more happy 2 c ur “ABOUT ME” Altho, I do not kno u n u do not kno me too. bt ur words are my best of all. i like you “ABOUT ME” I wish for ur well being.

  9. sweta jee,
    i m a regular visitor of ur blog.
    I really inspired from ur explanation about urself.
    keep it up!!!

  10. plz visit mine blog also;
    there are articles which are waiting for ur cool comments…

  11. I don’t know from which URL I have redirected on this blog.. and I love it…

    after reviewing on blog’s status I must say, great.. keep it up.. close your eyes and post whatever you think, whatever you want, whatever you feel and everything.. 🙂

  12. By reading your profile i come to know that you are a perfect dreamer
    A weak hearted but a strong minded having a kind of zeal on your work.
    Also i come to know about you that you are A bookworm but love to travel which Sound
    fantastik and really i was impressed from this what to say a kind of phrase you have
    used here is really a fanciful mind production. I have also noticed that you begain your
    writing from diary which is the basic and common to some people but still odd for me.
    Any by reading your article and profile one things i found is you are a powerful and concreat
    writer. I wish I could get chance to read some of your article.
    and i will be great full to you if you give me your article for my blog for the rebemberance
    any way i have to say bye for now see you and get some feedback in future have a good day bye

  13. i m 2 a great dreamer .but life is compromising comprimised in every moments .i know who do not see from the eyes of world would change the world itself .keep on dreaming i wounder u would dream about me…………………..
    any way a ghost viewer.

  14. to blog is to express oneself.
    i think of joining this world in the near future.

  15. i am so much influenced by ur writing.well i am also new to this blogging world as like urs.i wish i could also create some masterpiece over here,well best of luck 4 u 2.
    new visitor
    sujan khadka
    ktm nepal

  16. Lets lie and tell everyone that “I created this blog on …. 6/7/8″…

    well anyway, good efforts!

  17. Wonderful job!! Keep it up.


  18. I have more to read, I suppose ! Good work !

  19. Liked you blog especially the book reviews.
    I plan to review Modiaain from my perspectives soon!
    I have been reviewing books and movies in my blog too!!
    Can we exchange links?

  20. Hi, i m glad to see ur blog. I m unknown with u but than also i love ur blog, how u find this Blog Template may i know from u . if u want to mail me u can. n help me la, bye

  21. great job Sweta !!

  22. Nice blog. Equally brilliant writeups. Keep writing 🙂

  23. Hello,
    Just to let you know that I was here.



  24. Dear Sweta !at last i got a opportunity and leisure time to see your website.I wonder as well as happy, seeing your endeavor, -creating blog and…..writing and publications such commendable works. First of all i would like to appreciate by my heart. Plz accept it.actually, i love to read and perhaps……good literature… but it is my weakness i cant properly make comments and analysis. Actually, i cant properly understand and explain English literature really.The condition of Nepalese literature is immensely poor due to the lack of professionalism. English is not our native language. though, some writer successfully established in this field. I can see a brooding talent within you. Future will show the result. I hearty wish your success in your commitment. May god bless you in every walk

  25. “about me”its great and ur writings are so full of influence,perfect expressing and loved every one of it…n its grt…..

  26. Grt job!!!.Although i m much younger than u and much new to blog..i love reading and hobbies is to write

  27. Really amazing ur blog is !!! Loved everything u wrote, I read.
    Thumbs Up !!!

  28. superb

  29. really lik ur blog . ‘a weak hearted but strong minded,laughing,………..’everything.i feel same like u but not abling to express in words literally as you had done. this is really superb.

  30. Well-formatted and written content like this impressed me. Your views reflect my own for the most part and you have written this is clear terms.

  31. I found your site on google, Love your blog. However thanks for this good experience to read your article.

  32. yes sweta baniya perfect one

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  34. Truly good write-up .. easy and brief.

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  40. Hi sweta. Nice blog, really enjoyed reading it. If you would like to share some of your works with us or even exchange links, please let us know. Regards

  41. 41st response!! Hi sweta!! 😛

  42. clearly described thumbs up.

  43. Hmmm… fantastic !! u’r usually the one particular man !!

  44. You could have one of the most effective weblog content on the planet

  45. I do believe the trusty visitors might want a whole lot a lot more nicely written content such as this carry on the amazing challenging perform.

  46. Your self-description gives an idea that you are but an oxy-moron! Seems like you are the ‘two-way’ person!… but I guess that’s how life should be. CONGRATS FOR YOUR BLOG and I really hope this blog of yours stays till you last!

  47. Awe.. glee.. anticipation.. displeasure.. nervousness..!! your blogosphere is so full mixed emotions. It was great going thru. A regular reader added to your list. 🙂

  48. Thank you Sharad and Suprina 🙂 So nice comment

  49. Nice post at “About Me” in The Coffee House Revival (Excavating Freedom). I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 Best of luck.

  50. Nice blog! I remember I read Sapana in Kathmandu post last week. Well, keep it up! Also, do visit my blog http://sarcasticexistence.wordpress.com/ sometimes. It’s pretty dead right now, but I hope to posting more in days to come. Greetings!

    – Samyam

  51. Thank you Samyam — Keep on blogging is what I say 🙂 Yeah sometimes we face this block and not being able to write but we need to come out of it seriously and write, write and write. Thanks for reading me. Regards.

  52. For starters appreciate your producing such a obvious write-up with this matter.

  53. Keep up the wonderful piece of work, I read few posts on this website and I think that your site is very interesting and has got bands of great information.

  54. i am simply not a writer but would like to put pen to paper frequently.. in course of browsing site i happened to stop on ur blog its been written very interestingly and happy for the copletion of five successfully and the committment you have had that u do continue until the end of life…wish u a great successful yrs ahead.

  55. Thank you so much Sushil ji 🙂 🙂 🙂 Welcome to Coffee House

  56. great woow 5 years cool

  57. sweta di malie tw tapaeko description jhan mn paryo!!

  58. I wish if i was you and these were my words.

  59. Thanks – This was written years ago and I am glad you can relate that with yourself 🙂

  60. I feel inspiring while seeing your blog. The way you defined yourself is a complete package of mind and heart emotions.

  61. Thank you Bikash Ji,
    Means a lot.

  62. Hi Sweta, I just discovered your blog! How lovely to find another Nepali women blogger. I look forward to reading more of your work. I have also started a blog to collect stories of Nepali women, please take a look. Keep up the good work!

  63. Thank you for dropping by… 🙂

  64. sweta ji ,its great.This is my first opportunity to read your blogger.

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