November Nights

November has seen many things. All the time it has been the witness of the upheavals of life ~ the most beautiful and the worse. Yet it has gathered me, collected me from the pieces scattered and pushed me towards delightful December ~ continually reminding me that ~ I should move on ~ move on towards some uncertain future~ to dare to face it without covering my face. But last year it didn’t see the Rain and this year too it seems like it will not see it again. NO RAIN??? How will my heart handle this drought ~ the dearth of the droplets? How will November itself handle the ugliness of the drought?

Yet, November air brings the special fragrance of yours from far far away like the snow flakes falling at your end , melting away turning itself into the droplets, falling continuously , melting unconditionally and turning into the river and flowing to get attached to the large ocean and then traveling all the way to me after being vaporized ~ ( I take a long deep breathe here). In the chilliness of the air ~ there is some moist ~ and that carries you and I happily inhale the cool , chilly and lovely moist air just to feel you ~ just to feel you. Continue reading

Call it Love (:

Call  It  Love


The fingers I touched

Hiding under the plate

I passed to you

Did you know ~ you passed me your current too?

Igniting a fire in me

With your soft touch

Under the moon

But burning inside were you too

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