Phonemic hangover…

You utter….

I utter….

We both utter…

Phonemes together….

Whisper…we do it..together

Hard to listen….
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Mothic Future

I am looking at those fluttering moths

Hovering around the light so bright

In the midst of this dark night

Searching for the warmth they are …

Wanting the warmth..

Warmth that is all in vain..

I imagine a “mothic Future” much uncertain

They hover around to make themself warm

Unaware they are all in charm,

Getting the fake warmth

More moths came fluttering…

Hovering as others did..

Soon I observe,

Them falling

They are falling…

Oh my God said I…

“They are dying”..

Their future so uncertain…a mothic Future…dying in the end..

Dying from the warmth they need…

More Moths are falling, more and more are dying,

I am here observing,

A Mothic Future indeed.

Same as theirs..I imagine my future..yes its uncertain…

Infact nothing is certain in this world,

Waiting the certainty..we hover as the moths did..

And in the end

We fall

We fall

And we meet the Death so uncertain…

A Mothic Future indeed DW