The Umbrella

Outside was ignored

As we were busy hearing

Each others’ Inside

Rain was a minimal thing

We were indifferent to the world

While hearing only

Each others’ unshared tale

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Inbox (14)


Dear Friend,

And I know you will understand everything without me saying a single word, this is where we keep our friendship, our emotions so safe. You will understand the depth in each word when you will read in this little letter but… I have been writing you a lot~ a lot when knowing that I will never ever get a reply! I know-I know I am not throwing away my tantrums~ I wish I could!

The moment I thought all the things fell into places ~ the very moment ground shook it all ~ keeping me in a moment of awestruck, with a confidence to walk down at the zero level. But how long one could be in the same place where you day by day you lose your confidence. One day! One day! You were ought to say NO! scream out loud and to give yourself a little push to fly~ else your wings will be forever locked.

But! The flight will be so unknown! People will call you crazy! But you have guts to accept this craziness na? I know you will not judge anything, knowing that I was not right for the world but I was right for myself. For myself, it was a decision. Totally hard to get away from the emotion that doubles your happiness. Totally hard and difficult to give up little dreams that you planned. Are dreams planned? Yeah of course they can be, till you lose it piece by piece like the puzzle piece. Continue reading