When November Rains …

Guess What?

Incessant in my mind were you — almost for all the time as it rained and is raining so often this November. I know we both would have waited for the rain– desperately to unfold the memories yet again–but it rained a lot ~ it pained a lot. I feel same as you do ~ We both enjoyed the rain– memorizing each other yet again. The days are getting cold and nights chilly but the warmth of the ecstatic days remains the same. It comes back ~ time and again~ memories always remain.

How I would always be jealous of your snowing town? How would I be jealous of your feeling of cold? I always waited for your coming to my city ~ for the cups and cups of warm black coffee. Do you remember~ how would we scare the waiter after having ten straight cups of black coffee? Our favorite place stands still~ but will never see us together there.

The wait remains same with the confirm notion that you will never come again. Things change~ I know ~ I know, circumstances changes~ I know this as well. But the season see ~ it is back again. With it’s return ~ it brings you back again. But, at the same time for years you kept your promise not to come back again~ I had accepted it ~ I have supported it.

With rain~you come again~memories of being together~ and painful awareness of losing you forever ~everything comes at once. Continue reading

Who am I?

When sowed inside the soil,

I was a male

With Proud seed

And Power to create

And earth was a female

With an open part

Easily accessible.

Earth kept me inside the womb,

Until I sprouted out in the upper part of the world.

I grew up green…

Transformed into a female being…

Now, I am a female-: they say

I have to give birth..

I was male -: I complain…

They say -: You have both parts…

The male and the female

Who am I ? Who am I ?

I am a female today…

Leaf after leaf I shed,

Pollination occurs so often and so open


The long saved wall called virginity

I give “births” not to one but many

Homos take out one at a time from single hole..

But me,

I take out thousands in my body’s whole..