Coffee and You

Taking sip after sip
Of this coffee…
I remember you…
“The Invisible Girl”
I am beholding feelings for you..!!!
Heart melts….
Heart melts..
Bloods flow…in veins..
More Rapidly…
It vibrates heart
“The Invisible Girl”
It really vibrates my heart

Don’t call me dear
Invisible Girl…
I might fall in love!! Continue reading

Human Clone and Homework ..!!

This is homework I did for some one…( someone that I would never like to mention ). This is a British school Project…it is nice that childrens come to know about varities of stuffs. I was unaware of is the speech me and her…

English Homework 26th April 2009

Speech on Genetic Engineering / Cloning

Good Afternoon Everybody,
How many of you think cloning is a good idea? Ok now as you all know I ( Her name )have come here to talk to you about cloning. So, I think that cloning and genetic engineering is not at all a good idea. I have mainly come here to persuade and tell you all that cloning is not acceptable and not good at all. Here are some reasons why it is not good or disadvantages are:-

1. They inherit birth defects.
2. They are already old.
3. People could misuse them.
4. Global warming would increase.
5. Its too expensive
6. They are not natural.
7. Over Population and
8. Man is playing god!!

Now I will explain to you how each of these reasons effect and cause trouble.
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Queing up !!!


I was just scared of reading news about the strike called on by “Tharu Community “…..which will definitely halt the movement of Petrol…and without petrol life will become so helpless. And what about queing up for hours to get just few liters of petrol.

Why Petrol has become so much precious ? The more use of technology has made this I guess…the more use of materials have made this.

Queing up is the thing I hate. So many things come in my mind which sometimes become uncontrollable. The feelings, thinkings become so intense ( for me ).

When you are around so many people who are competiting you for moving ahead a inch. A inch …can you imagine the Bhrum Bhrum for moving ahead a inch on the pitch which is so mismanaged and people are so uncontrollable. Continue reading

Letter to the writer…


The writer of article Sinema Hall ki Sundari, published in Hello Sukrabar, Kantipur daily on Chaitra 28, friday,

Dear Writer !!!

The first thing I felt after reading your article was, “I was seriously dissappointed and whole heartedly embarrassed”. It was just opposite to what I have ever expected from your article.

Analysing your article I found it totally dominating the female gender, which will obiviously hurt me. A writer whose articles are time and again published in Kantipur daily has published this article which is totally directed towards the male superiority.
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Running through nerves to nerves…

Flowing through veins to veins…

Moving from heart to mind…


So much omnipresent


Inside the soul…

Just Everywhere….

Just Everywhere….

Am I ?

 I lose my consciousness !!!

When I think about you…..

Am I conscious now too ?

Am I thinking about you now too?

 I can lose consciousness…


Am I conscious now too ?

What ?

What ? I said..

Is that? What you heard ?

What ? You heard ?

Did you really heard ?

Did you understood ?

What I said ?

Did you mean that you heard and understood ?