Letter to the writer…


The writer of article Sinema Hall ki Sundari, published in Hello Sukrabar, Kantipur daily on Chaitra 28, friday,

Dear Writer !!!

The first thing I felt after reading your article was, “I was seriously dissappointed and whole heartedly embarrassed”. It was just opposite to what I have ever expected from your article.

Analysing your article I found it totally dominating the female gender, which will obiviously hurt me. A writer whose articles are time and again published in Kantipur daily has published this article which is totally directed towards the male superiority.

You are trying to show the contemporary young generation and that is good that you are trying to be a watchdog trying to make yourself different from your friends and those girls out there at the theatre ( which you have mentioned in the article ).

The first line says you were the one seeking someone out there. You have mentioned that your friend have said about the “Easily passing the time”, it is indirect that if it was because of the girls or because you all were there for watching a movie.

The incidents you have mentioned are imaginary. It is not that girls and guys don’t joke like that and not flirt like that. Earlier, it used to like guys used to tease and rag girls…and girls used to be quite but now the time has changed girls are not like they used to be earlier. I found the contradiction of you and your friend’s ideology was an problem that you wanted to prove yourself that the girls are like this ( nowadays).

The incdents in the aritcle seem unreal and imaginative that can be anywhere with anyone, in chat, facebook, everywhere…. This seems so common…and totally imaginative.

When I was about to finish the article the second last line made so serious that I thought to write this letter to you “writer”..I could have written it in his gmail….but I want all to know, How much I was and am embarrassed with this “harrassing article”.

How dare you Mr. Writer to analyze the future of the girls in the second last paragraph of the article…..by expressing your male attitude…..

It is not that I am trying to defame, I encourage you to write and write like this..but once think before you write…be fair in writing thats all !!!



4 Responses

  1. No comment, since I haven’t read the article that you have mentioned… 😕 🙂

  2. Hi
    thre are male superiority in our community and that is how those people may have think of. We have legal rights that male and female are equal by the law of any kind and how those stupid writers can pose to a single gender only. there are some bad or worse situations in our country. now ther time has changed and i was really surprised when i saw those semi nude girls/teens in the streets of kathmandu, pokhara and else where. check some pictures that i have collected from the so called modeling sites of nepal. to see the photos visit http://fun.nepal1st.com adn go to entertainment topic
    please let me have a chance to read that article by link or copy to me so i can read as well.
    thank you.

  3. Nice said. In real every gender seeks their superiority whether s/he.

    But, as a journalist or an independent writer one should be able to separate good and bad part from the mixture and justify each part without reflecting his private opinion, which do not have any justification. In newspaper/magazine or any other media the judge is the reader and the author/writer is the witness. If you are balance your reputation goes high, else it is downward slope. So, please this comment seriously.

  4. You really caught the points that were to be by a reader. I think the points that you have mentioned on your critic have no any comments at all but as I also try reading something but very less, what I find is one should not go so deeply in Daily papers especially which are published for enjoyment. There is a level of listener and a reader. Similarly, it also depends on the writer.. What is the targeted group of that specific writer. On my point of view there are different targets. I even as a writer for small kids never write hard words which are not familiar with them. The article you mentioned have that target in which people enjoy that. I don’t want to mean you that you are too wrong Sweta… You are correct and thats the way a reader should do but Think once there have been such books on nudity that has harmed more.. On my personal point of view.. Sorry again.. What a reader chooses to read is more important than what a writer writes.. But that doesn’t mean that a writer has no value at all.. He/She has the responsibility to fulfill the aims or requirements of that level.. and that shows the level of writer.. You should know whether to read 100 novels by Prakash Kovid or 1 novel by Parijat..?? Its your choice.
    But It all doesn’t mean that a writer can write whatever he likes with neglecting the other people except his/her targeted group.
    That was a great catch by you. Admiring you I would love you to be catchy on more specific articles or books.. Lastly I remebered on article where I had written pointing a writer KUnda Kunda Pani Munda Munda BIchar.. Yah that works.. what a writer is up to relates in his writings.. So be catchy but on choosy matters..
    Well done Sweta !

    Shikhar Aarohan

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