All that’s dream -I

( This is my first try to write Stream of Consciousness Technique of writng trying to make what I am learning at college these days and of which I have been always fascinate. In  Stream of Conscious technique the writer gives the direct access to the characters mind or psyche without intervention. In this technique the sense perception mingles with conscious and sub-conscious thought.

(Here goes the story )

“It was a simple hug , nothing had happened more than that. For you it was simple hug but for me it was ecstasy that I had felt”. Oh! I had felt that. Shame oh!! shame, how can I think of other man now.

She has dream, I have dream, the birds running freakly has dream, the flowers have dream, the dream of colouring the petals with most beautiful collage, the fly , the moth, the dog and her babies , the girl who has her hais pigtail may have her own dream, the mother running to catch the bus of her children may have her own dream. They all can dream, dream the world they want to live and in which they live.

“I too can dream , Can’t I”

It lasted few seconds but the warmth of the hug was awesome. My hands are getting colder, I am blushing now. But why I am blushing now. I am feeling the heat in the spine. But why I am feeling this heat. I think my eybrows need threading now. Oh! what about the milk boiling in the kitchen. Hurry ! Hurry ! run !! run !!. Thank god it had not boiled over……..

Pigtail hair mom used to tie, ironed smart dress, a tiffin box with the delicious macaroni in it. How I used to eat that before the lunch time, sometime even when the teacher was teaching, oh the lips are streching now. The smart look, the heavy bag which disappointed me. The books that I used to forget and the punishment to stand up in the bench. Those were the days, days of the perfect life.

See!! how my hands are wrinkled now. Dear O’ Dear My face is wrinkled too. I think I need to buy that excellent wrinkle-lift cream.

Oh! that hug was awesome……..

How that arms had grabbed me, my body and I was unable to move but I was able to feel. How much I was suffocating because of my chest pressed in that chest.

Hello, Whos speaking ? Oh ! Samrita have you been, hows the little boy. Well, I am fine. Did he started calling you mom ? and Hows Bidhan, give my regards to him. Take care dearie, yes I will to take care. Bye Bye..See you soon.

The air so fresh today, it is so cool and making me feel the chill. I would have love the chill but…Its too cold today. I am feeling so romantic.

I think he is home….

You arrived too early today ??

Yes, today I am little unwell, said Bardan. What have you cooked ? I am so hungry, today.

I have, well nothing but will give you a hot coffee first then I shall cook, till then you be fresh.

I have brought you something, Dilasha…come here.

Wow!! A diamond Necklace, Bardan you must be crazy but I am really happy. I shall wear it in Binita’s marriage. Oh I ….Oh I …….

That hug was awesome.

This necklace is beautiful too. Let me wear it once. Oh this suits me a lot, hey my neck has been wrinkled too. Oh dear this necklace doesn’t looks beautiful. This is so ugly, this necklace is so ugly. He must not have brought this ugly necklace. I am not wearing it anymore.


People here and people there. They are carrying fire in their hand. Chanting anti-royalist slogans. I am closing my ears. Oh they are violent. They are throwing stones. The Newroad is tensed too. Basantapur..they are gathering there. Police are there, women, men, tramp like children.

I need to buy so many things. I think I lost the list Bardan has given me. Oh again he shall shout like last time-: “You don’t have mind or what, can’t you do anything nice”.

Oh that warmth was awesome. The hug, that made me feel so cool eventhough the blood in my veins were so hot. The passions were so ecsatic…

Oh I need to go home now…I think I can’;t buy anything in this market….

Better go home

Taxi!!!! Taxi!!!


( The story will be concluded in next part )

Wheels…and Worship

Picture taken by me… at the background my kitchen garden.
My dearie...Baby Bride
There she stoods My dearie..My baby bride and I am happy to write about her in my blog. Perhaps if Holmes have not reminded me yesterday I would have missed writing about thank you so much Holmes for asking whether or not I have posted something in my scooty diary or not. Then I realized that I had worshipped my dearie yesterday but I didn’t did nicely because I was real busyhelping mom in the Kitchen..which was after such a long time that I had almost forgotten eveyrthing..and I get this dialogue as always “Tero Dhanga Sanga Chaina ” LOL…Yeah I lack this I know..I am ashamed at so many instances…when I can’t perform Kitchen works…
It had been a deal with my brother Bishesh that I am going to clean his pigshed room ( worst than mine..just imagine!!!! ) and he will wash my dearie…but meanwhile..we cat-dog..fought in silence and then we stared dangferously at eachother..and what he did was poured a bucket of water at my dearie and told he had washed…I had been real busy to take her for servicing and moreover I need her every now and then… I had planned for doing tit for tat with Bishesh and then Mom wanted me to clean..let it be I thought..
Because of being real busy with Kitchen..I performed a little bit of puja but did it heartily..especially the wheels which runs…carries me …and engine which was so dusty …I am so sad and I appologize to myself that I couldn’t clean her..come on she needed a good bath..because she has been really really dirty..but I love my dearie…a lot…a lot…and a lot. She has been part of my show off too…LOL..( Sweta kahile nasudhrine hai…k garne ???)
Moreover she has been a part of my freedom excavation….or exepedition..Kathmandu roads are like that only…and my partner wherever I go…I enjoy my lonliness with her..specially when I drive her fast and to feel the wind is what I love…I just love driving…
You can see there in the picture that how I have tied that Dhaja…( red and white cloth ) as ribbon Minnie Mouse…I used to love it as a child..and I did that folks were laughing….and I laughed too at my childishness..( I have been like this only )
So, yesterday was Nawami …when we worship our “Bahans” ( or our and it was funny that we also offered Cocunut’s bhog to our bikes…and that was pour the cocunut’s juice..over the wheels..
I love the wheels that drive me miles and miles
I love to feel the airs of freedom…with full of smiles
I love my baby bride for providing a reason to smile
Succeding me to travel..away miles and miles…
Today it is Dashami..or Bada Dashaim..yes I am with red tika..and Jamara..I cut it today morning…I am happy to put those beautiful Jamaras over my head…The wait’s over..I didn’t get a five hundred rupee note as Dakshina…I asked with mom so many times…malai Paan saya..but she seems to have put cotton in her ears…and with dad I can’t speak hai..he gave five rupee note…still it is not the green one so I accepted it..but its due I have told mom…
P.S. Scooty Puja was wonderful…worshipping the Wheels..that ride me through the roads of Kathmandu..through the jams…through the muddy disgusting between peoples…( Ason and Indrachowk esp and yes Makkhan too )…and gets me anywhere I want to go..provides me a good company to end my lonliness…to feel the airs..
Driving is so fun..I just love it a lot….a lot and a lot……