Voiceless Speech

You easily enter and exit

Without my consent

And throw away

Your used condoms

Full of semen every where

You don’t care the stone there

Where your wife probably have

Dropped some vermillion on …

You bring your “girl”

She drops her blood…

I remain silent ~ I don’t speak !!!

Sometime later you come with bottles,

Piss on me,

Puke over me,

Spit over me,

Or when you are alone

You ejaculate over me…

Sometimes later,

Your girl comes to throw away your baby

I can’t babysit

Poor succumbs to death, the very next morning

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Modiaain Modian Review

I have known B.P Koirala for his following of Sigmund Freud’s psycho-analysis. I was unaware of other of his books. “Sumnina” which I read a long time ago was a beautiful novel but it was full of sexuality.

I read Modian Modiaain by B.P. Koirala with the initiation one of the readers of this blog , Mr. Uddav Silwal. I am grateful to him that because of him I read that book and I am really happy to have read such a wonderful book. Continue reading