Mokshya (मोक्ष)


Comes and takes away

Soul so precious

Body so cold


Burns into ashes

Eyes so weary

Water rolls down the cheeks

So salty!


Departure indeed

Frown everyone seems


vanishes with ashes

Death has just rubbed it away

Good Bye

Dead one

Shall never meet again

Cloudy Clouds

Feels like it is yesterday, when Ama taught to look at the clouds and imagine shapes, ice cream, Sunkeshari rani, the beast, cat, dog, cycle, pretty frock… All those imaginations! How lovely were those childhood moments? Bliss!

And during the night.. Ama said look up to the sky and see how the stars are glowing ..they are Saptarishis , one is dhurba tara..

Small tiny eyes that stared at the sky, clouds, rainbow has grown big ! Now, imagination are replaced by dreams. Now, these eyes dream.

Watching clouds is my favorite hobby ~ inherent — or hereditary 🙂


“The virgin cloud/ Young and Vibrant / Till it gets impregnated / With heavy aqua
Happy it seems/ But with thunder /Abortion Happens / -Rain falls”


The Evening Cloud is like a bride ~~



As the day grows, I bright up like a bride – let me look at the mirror and shine – I have to move towards the night to meet my groom in the next sky . ( Pic by Om at Bhakatapur )


A new category in coffee house … Viewfinder 🙂

Walkers III

We were at the cross roads and we meet often at the crossroads of life. There is enough distance between us now. Unnoticed are we, by each other. Pretending as if, we have never seen each other in life. As if we never walked along together. BUT we both know we did. We walked along, surpassing boundaries, feelings and sometimes ourselves. We walked. We had walked. We dreamed. We had dreamed. In thousands of dreams, only one gets fulfilled. Did I trespassed your heart? or is it you who trespassed mine? Or we both did and we both are guilty of it? And is it because of that we are facing forever painful “boil” in our life.

Memories are now locked as in Pandora’s box. One by one, if I open it it stings, bites and wounds time and again. Difference is such that, Pandora’s box ended up with “Hope”, but you forgot to gift me hope. Heavy are eyes with sleep. But there is no wish in these eyes to sleep. I want to wake up. I want to open this box of memories that you gifted while you moved away. Was our meeting only a coincidence? Diving over the ocean of memories suffocates me.
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Look who’s 4 today – It’s Coffee House :)

It’s your fourth birthday.. Coffee House

Aug 07

On the way to the fourth year is my dear Coffee House.

Feels like hugging this blog, this space, this room of my own and my everything.

What does blogging mean to me?

I would not have been grown this much, if it was not you my blog.

Writing, expressing the most saddest feelings and similarly the most happiest moments.

You have been part of life, part of my self development and setting my network.

You have been a space where I communicate, I meditate, I contemplate.

You have been recording my spontaneous and overflowing feelings.

You know how sensitive I am to things, people but it is you who taught me to handle it by expressing it uncensored.

You record my inner-self, my innermost part which many don’t know and sometimes things even I don’t know sprouts up.

You are there to support me to excavate my freedom, to support when I tremble and give me enormous courage to challenge things.

Without Blogging I can’t survive, without you my dearest Blog life is quite impossible.

Blogging has been a part of life now. I know- I am not that good writer, but this space has been my field where I sowed the seed of my writing and found out that it is writing something which I prefer to do, I feel comfortable and something I can’t live without.

My writing is in germinating phase- I know.

Yet A long way to go … like Robert Frost says .. “And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep”.

Wish you a very very happy happy birthday Coffee House.