Mokshya (मोक्ष)


Comes and takes away

Soul so precious

Body so cold


Burns into ashes

Eyes so weary

Water rolls down the cheeks

So salty!


Departure indeed

Frown everyone seems


vanishes with ashes

Death has just rubbed it away

Good Bye

Dead one

Shall never meet again

Visiting Ba!! in ICU

It was the most hurting thing to visit Ba!! in ICU. I was tearful. Ba!! is our neighbour and husband to the elderly women I have mentioned in my previous post “Tearful Disterss”. Ba has been sick for a while. He had the wound in his finger that I had known since one week. Then few days ago she came to give us milk and found that her face is full swollen up and her eyes too. She was trying hide her pain but as I concern for her I happened to ask “Tapai ko mukh kina sunneko, ani aakha k bhayeko” . ( Why your face has swollen up and what has happened to your eyes?) Then she brusted into tears and told me that Ba was sick and they have not slept whole night.

I thought Ba was sick because of his sugar levels and I had thought just Fever. They didnot took him to the hospital at night ( It was last Saturday). Then in the morning too they took him to do some Jhar fuk…( Socerors, witch doctors). Lastly they took him to TEku Hospial. Did everything MRI, Ultra sound..etc etc. But he was being more weak and the doctor told he won’t be cured inthe Hospital.

Then likewise I asked about the health of Ba , with bajai and she told he was not Ok. Ba! had been sifted to another Hospital in Blue Cross. He was kept in ICU ( Intensive Cure Unit). Shyam dai, his son came to our home to provide us milk because Bajai could not. Then he told ” Ba ko saas matra baki cha” ( Ba has just got breathe). I was in tears. SO, was Shyam dai and my mom. He also told he doesnot like to eat, drink or do anywork.

Then me and my mom planned to go there and visit Ba!!…ba was more than a meighbour to my mom…a friend indeed and bajai for me was my idol grandmom. So , we have this emotional relationship with them.

We went there and found out that he was kept in the third floor. We could not know any person there who were waiting there. We told we have come to visit Ba…and We did. Me and mom saw Ba..from the window. My god !! my heart was melted. I was in tears seeing such a condition of Ba!! and my mom too was intears.

Ba..was suffering so many things in his chest and so many doctors in ICU..and Ba’s eyes were closed and we colud see that he was breathing. Then I talked with other person sister of Ba, I have never met her but she talked me as if we were known to each other. e talked about Ba, Ba and Ba. The doctor told that he was suffering from “Tetanus”. The virus of Tetanus has flowed all over the body only two percent left and all the nerves aare getting attacked with the virus.

I was in tears and my heart was paining severely. My mom was in tears too.

There is really less chance of Ba’s survival the doctor have said. But I wish he lives. By the way I want him to live. He has his responsibility towards his daughter and his son who is an addict he needs rehabilitaion. And my poor bajai needs her husband forever. They were a perfect couple. I can do nothing but pray for Ba’s survival. Just my heart do not want to accept the fact that Ba is not getting recovered. I want him to again stand in his own feet. My bajai needs him.

Why people need to die?? Why Death is a debt to be paid by all. Why we can’t live in earth as mush as we want. Why there are disease that make us fragile and let us to die. Why after all ther is death ? I am just not being able to answer myself. Where should I go and find my answer? I am not just tolerating the scene of ICU…

P.S. I am just being sentimental and emotional I want him to survive. Creul death must grace him. Please god do not take him away.