Zhe Ze…( Say Cheese)

One month in Beijing passed away.. and every one are so ready to go back to home. I am ready with all my bags packed with gifts and all the Chinese  things. Oh my god…the departure date is so near. Yes, I want to go back home definitely and I miss my home so very much.. but still I will miss Beijing ever in life. I am really getting emotional and I wanted to pour all the emotions where I don’t know. I really don’t know what to do, what to feel, what to say..it is really hard to say “Good Bye”. Good Bye to people whom you did not knew at the beginning but when you eat together all the three Chinese meals, go to every place together and always take a together photo for good memories… and to say good bye to these people “is being hard”. People from around 14 countries…you meet them at a place and the live together for so long. One month is a real long time !Getting along together with so many people .. creating a link between ourselves.. this is really sweet and original…. Continue reading

Beijing Never Sleeps

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Dear Friend,

Beijing Never sleeps…and I wake up till late with Beijing and I sleep when Beijing sleeps . It is exactly 1:10 Am here and in Nepal it is 10:50 PM. I am here in the 7th floor of this huge building and vehicles are still plying on the road. There is electricity everywhere and there is nothing called dark here because everywhere there is light except for the dark sky. I can’t see stars here. I don’t know where they are. Back home, I loved to see stars.

Dear, I miss you so much. I wish you were here together to share all of my happiness, excitement and all at instant. But you are far away from me. I want to capture all my happiness in the form of words so that you can read it someday soon. Continue reading

Its your Birthday Blog :)

August 07

I am accessing you from a new country, so many things to share with you blog and few of your followers 🙂


You are three from today. Three year old. Now you are capable of speaking, walking, smiling, talking and everything. But still so many things are there for you to learn. You are still a kid dear blog.


Dear blog… I love you so much…so very much. You have been part of my life just as my soul. You are a second soul to me. It is because of you I have a space of mine, it is because of you I can express myself the way I want. You have been part in happiness, tears, anger, frustration, love, hate everything. You are not a child, you are my friend because with you everything is just share-able.


Years pass without knowing on its own pace but it gives more and more memories.. for cherishing it forever…

P.S. I love you 🙂 🙂