Beijing Never Sleeps

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Dear Friend,

Beijing Never sleeps…and I wake up till late with Beijing and I sleep when Beijing sleeps . It is exactly 1:10 Am here and in Nepal it is 10:50 PM. I am here in the 7th floor of this huge building and vehicles are still plying on the road. There is electricity everywhere and there is nothing called dark here because everywhere there is light except for the dark sky. I can’t see stars here. I don’t know where they are. Back home, I loved to see stars.

Dear, I miss you so much. I wish you were here together to share all of my happiness, excitement and all at instant. But you are far away from me. I want to capture all my happiness in the form of words so that you can read it someday soon. Dear, I keep my eyes open always, I don’t want to miss a single thing about Beijing. I capture Beijing with my natural lenses and save it in layers of memories- one layer after another, layers and layers of memories of Beijing. I don’t want to miss a thing- not even a single thing. A leaf, an ant or Panda 🙂 , or variety of Chinese people, Chinese bus, metro, shoes of Chinese ladies, Great wall and everything just everything- Beijing as a whole.

I wish I could hold your hands again and share all the things in my regular style about Beijing.

Beijing.. oh Beijing…I am in love with Beijing my dear friend.

Meeting new people, probably whom you will never meet again and have never ever seen in your life. Everything is best except the training course here 😛 hehe. It is tiring :(.

More on next letter.  Beijing wants to sleep the road is silent now…I cannot hear the sound now.. and it is 1:29 Am. I have class tomorrow. Good Night-Morning  to you..

( Written – August 08 )


2 Responses

  1. Your fren must be missing you and Beijing at a moment. Loved reading it. Have a gr8 time there.

  2. you missed to write abt chinese food…write abt it too…nice to know that beijing never sleeps…nice written…keep updating ur days there….new and exciting….have fun sweta!

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