Final countdown for Nepalese constitution amid perplexity

by Sweta Baniya

KATHMANDU, May 27 (Xinhua) — With just few hours deadline remaining for the expiry of Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal, the situation has been perplexed as the uncertainty of constitution promulgation has gripped the nation.

“May 27” has been historically registered period of promulgating the first federal constitution in Nepal which is expected to ensure the rights of all the Nepalese. Sunday marks the last ultimatum to draft the new much awaited constitution in the nation and there is a serious hurry in leaders as the confusion persist among them due to their own stances.

There has been mounting fears that the country’s CA will be annulled in the one hand and on the other the country will not get the constitution. Meanwhile, a meeting among the three major parties — Unified Communist Party of Nepal- Maoists (UCPN-M), Nepali Congress (NC) and the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) — along with Madhesi Front is underway making final efforts to forge consensus on contentious issues. However, continuous dialogue is ongoing among leaders for over a month but no consensus or any conclusion has been fetched out.

Nothing seems to be certain in the nation and people are wondering “what next”. At a time when the country’s mood had to be euphoric with the arrival of the much awaited constitution, the situation in the country has been just opposite.

Moreover, the extremist voices coming from different ethnic fronts in the nation have further deteriorated with least hope of the constitution promulgation. During the whole month, Nepal also saw various kinds of protests, shutdowns and strikes.

Nepal has been facing a lot of political challenges after the CA was formed in 2008 which has been extended for four times after its first due date expired in the year 2010.

Yet, Nepali leaders had forged consensus on extending the deadline one more time amid mounting criticisms. However, Nepali Supreme Court (SC) issued an interim order directing the government not to take ahead the proposal to extend the CA’s term.

On August 28, 2011, Nepal elected its 35th Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai after a lot of obstacles in the Nepali parliament and misunderstandings between the leaders of the major parties.

Maoist PM Bhattarai-led government is the fourth government since 2008 and all three previous governments have failed to complete the major tasks of constitution drafting and peace process. On May 5, after all the major parties came together, a national coalition government was formed under Bhattarai’s leadership from which, however, the Nepali Congress has resigned.

Meanwhile, with the looming deadline of the CA on May 27 in Nepal, security in the capital Kathmandu has been beefed up in order to avert any untoward incidents.

As many as 10,000 security personnel have been deployed in the capital fearing possible clashes among different agitating groups. Time limit is decreasing, yet the till midnight every one will be remaining anxious. They wonder to know what will be the  next scenario in the nation.  Enditem

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पारिजातको शिरीषको फूल सम्झेर

मन्द-मन्द चलिरहेछ हावा

स्पर्श गर्दै निर्धक्क

शिरीषको रुखमा फुलेकी सकमबरीलाई

एक झोंक्कामै भुइँमा झर्ने सत्य स्वीकारे पनि

थामिन सक्दैन सुयोगवीर

सकमबरी छे नै यति मनमोहक

कसरी रहोस् सुयोगवीर तटस्थ ?

हरेक वर्ष सकमबरी

शिरीषको रुखभरि फुलाउँछे सुयोगवीरका सपनाहरु

स्तब्ध पार्दै सुयोगवीरलाई

पर्लक्क पल्टिदिन्छे उसको मुटुमाझ, मस्तिष्कमाझ

पत्तै नपाई नतमस्तक हुन्छ सुयोगवीर

हरतरहले थामिन खोज्दा पनि सक्दैन

हावा जस्तै हुत्तिएर छोइदिन्छ सकमबरीलाई

बिना प्रतिक्रिया झर्छे ऊ

सुयोगवीरको छातीमा अजम्बरी चोट रोप्दै …

 P.S. Many Many Thanks to Jotare Dhaiba for pics 🙂 and typing this 🙂