Its Beijing…


I am so excited to share this to you my dear. I am in Beijing now :). My first ever travel outside the rectangular box. My first travel in aeroplane since the wright brothers invented it. I have been excited since the time I heard that I was being send to Beijing. I am so in love with Beijing.

I wanted to share this happiness to you my dear friend. But I wonder would you be interested in listening my rantings and musings?

I was so close to stars in the sky, while I looked outside the window of the aeroplane…It was majestic indeed.

Dear, China is really wonderful. More wonderful is Beijing. And when I speak my broken Chinese with the Chinese people, they smile a lot.

Big buildings, electric scooters, cars, people… and one thing it touched me most is the couples here. Every guy carries the hand bag of his girl. This is so lovely. It is so common here in Beijing that the lover boy carries hand bag of his girl without shame, which is so rare in Nepal.

It is raining here in Beijing. Rain always reminds me of him. You know how much I had loved him. You know he told me once…”Beijing Rocks”.. like what he had said.. Beijing really rocks.

I really don’t want to go back to my home, same old routine. I want a change in life like this. Changes are so lovely. I really don’t miss anything except my friends and you especially.

But, I am here with the confirmation of my departure date in my hand. We all are here in the world with the confirmation of departure date. Beijing has its set departure date for me.

I want to say.. I will be back soon..let me stay here 21 more days… I love you Beijing.. I love you a lot. I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss you to say how much I love you.


Dear Friend,

“If we were things born/ Not to shed a tear” – P.B. Shelly

You must have already guessed why I started this mail with the above words. Yes dear I am tearful today. I am happy but I am sad equally. I am sad because my happiness is not reaching to you by any means. I am sad because my happiness remains locked inside me. It will not open unless you come with the unlocking keys of your happiness. Dear friend, I was just thinking like the above lines of Shelly, if we were things born–not to shed a tear…then there would be all happiness only. But then if you are not here with whom I can share all these happiness then what I will do if I can’t cry, I will die of emotional crisis 🙂 . Well, I will not die without meeting you giving you these letters, or if I die so early then this blog shall preserve these letters. I hope you will log in someday and read these letters. I know this is just another stupid act, but I feel connected to you while I write you.

Dear friend, sand of this life is moving downwards….Aren’t we meeting in this life? Why are you playing hide and seek with me? We are grown ups come on. Why are you so away like a far away star? I can see you.. I can feel you.. but I can never reach you; something forbids me- distance, communication and moreover your unwillingness. I live with this hope, pipe dream that you will come back again and we will have life just like we used to have. Life is practical, I know dear. This is my stupidity that I live with this pipe dream. Life without a true friend is like hell. Continue reading

Budget- Utopia :(

The tiring long speech of “already unveiled budget” ( as Finance Minister was accused of revealing it to media persons)…full of visions, plans, programs, policies for youth, dalits, women, poor and many more.

The government should again be dissolved if it is committed to implement the “so called five-point-pact” and will next government think over the issues raised by this government…

What happened to policies-programs of Mr. Prachanda’s government, Mr. Nepal’s government…?? And what next to expect from the Mr. Khanal’s government.

The 71 paged long budget ( bhasan) was so so very good to listen because it gave so wonderful insight about the upcoming programs that government will / shall do.

Wow, the government has so many good plans…I don’t know about the bad ones..

I wish knowingly that these policies are seldom implemented…and we don’t even question, at least I have never done that…

But I still wish ardently for the implementation of these programs and policies and see nation prosperous… METRO is really very interesting.. 🙂 🙂

However, a very personal feeling is the society that budget has planned seems an utopia for me and I am not happy at all… I can’t be happy at all ….

Inbox (1)

Dear friend,

Miracles do happen sometimes. It was a miracle indeed that we met and we became friends. You are so very far away from me today dear friend and so many things have happened in your absence. I am wearing spectacles now, I pierced my ear, I have gained weight again and I love coffee even more.

I look out of the window and try to feel the air outside, you are inhaling same air my friend and the sky above us is also same. Yet again you are so far away and so very contact-less. I don’t know where are you now, what are you doing now, what are you thinking now and m I have many other Wh-questions but just like these questions I have a lot to share to you about me. Gone are the days when I used to have you beside me Continue reading