Budget- Utopia :(

The tiring long speech of “already unveiled budget” ( as Finance Minister was accused of revealing it to media persons)…full of visions, plans, programs, policies for youth, dalits, women, poor and many more.

The government should again be dissolved if it is committed to implement the “so called five-point-pact” and will next government think over the issues raised by this government…

What happened to policies-programs of Mr. Prachanda’s government, Mr. Nepal’s government…?? And what next to expect from the Mr. Khanal’s government.

The 71 paged long budget ( bhasan) was so so very good to listen because it gave so wonderful insight about the upcoming programs that government will / shall do.

Wow, the government has so many good plans…I don’t know about the bad ones..

I wish knowingly that these policies are seldom implemented…and we don’t even question, at least I have never done that…

But I still wish ardently for the implementation of these programs and policies and see nation prosperous… METRO is really very interesting.. 🙂 🙂

However, a very personal feeling is the society that budget has planned seems an utopia for me and I am not happy at all… I can’t be happy at all ….


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