For Walking in my Life ~Thanks

With you all in my heart I swing ~you all swing  And  Thus we live

With you all in my heart
I swing ~you all swing
Thus we live~ we continue to live

This is for You ~ You ~ You ~You and You …Many Many You(s) who have walked in my life and made it so so beautiful and meaningful. You have walked in my life in many different beautiful forms~ in the form of laughter, in the form of bond, in books, in all those pink gifts that you bring for me from every where~ from spectacles from Newroad to cute pink clips from Singapore to scarf from France to pink socks from Japan to cute pink horse from USA~or a pink diary from Denmark~a pink phone cover from amazon (: or in the form of pink chaubandi from dhoj ko pasal or in the form of pen drive from Mahabaudha ~ or in the form of jhol momo talk  or in the form of soul sister in twitter #dm in the form of the sweetest self made birthday card or in the form of the first greeting card in my post box from California ~ or in the form of somebody who cares me more than myself or in the form of immense love ~ intense love ~ over a cup of Herbal Tea at our small cozy table.

I have always been the most pampered one in every relation that I have maintained with you all~you have been greatest bearer of my nastiness and sweetest sweetness and  truly an integral part of my little heart. I don’t know my small physical heart has kept all the emotions that I feel for you all so clear ~ and I wonder how you all carry me in your heart where ever you go~ how special I am to you all and how I can’t imagine my life without you all. Continue reading


सपना को बिद्यालय

आमाले अंकुश लगाएर अड्काइदिएको
चुडिएको चप्पल
खर खर स्वार स्वार
माटो र ढुङ्गामा घिसारेको
भर्खर एक घण्टा त भयो
तपाईंलाई थाहा छ?
मेरो बिद्यालय आउन
अब जम्मा दुई घण्टा मात्र बाँकी छन

पुग्दछु म सुकिसकेको पसिनाको
टाटो लिएर
आफ्नो जीवनको बत्ती कात्न
कपासको डल्लो बाट मसिना
धागो झै निस्कन
र नचुडिइ बत्ती बन्न अनी उज्यालो छर्न
तर गुजुल्टो कपासबाट
धागो जसरी मलाई निकल्न
खै त मेरो बिद्यालयमा शिक्षक

हिंडेर रन्केको मेरो ज्यानलाई
चिसो डेस्क बेन्च र
चिसो कालोपाटीले स्वागत गर्दछन
चक पनि त चिसै छ नि
चकलाई समयएर कालोपाटीमा
अक्षर लेखिदिने शिक्षक
हुनुहुन्छ रे बिदामा

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