Happy Eighth Year~ Coffee House

As, I embark on a new journey~ I wish to take you with me as I have always been clinging on you in my ups and downs, in laughter and cries. Today, you turn 8. Can’t believe that our journey together has crossed eight lovely years! You endure to exist and so do I through you! You have been struggling for the existence I know~ like I do~ like everyone does. Congratulations!! Dear Blog!

You are the room of my own!!! And,  the most important thing you provide me is – “Confidence”- to be myself, to write, to express, to share, to be able to make an opinion, to be able to stand distinct.

It has been a real warm journey with you, through different simulacra. Here, I am in the new world, to start a new journey of life and I am sure – you will keep on providing me confidence~ to work hard more and continue on motivating me to write- which I have not been doing so often. And, continue to become a space~ where I rest myself as a whole! May be, I will need you more, here!

Happy Eighth Birthday Blog~ From Lafayette, Indiana.


Untouchable Tale : Rajaswala Days

Published in Kathmandu Post on Feb 28…

Photo Credit: Kathmandu Post.. ( I loved this art)

Photo Credit: Kathmandu Post.. ( I loved this art)

(Navigating the rituals and myths, sorrows and shame that menstruation has come to be associated with in our part of the world.)

The place was murky, sunlight pushing to make its way through the lone window—but it was not allowed here, and its failed attempts to brighten and cheer rendered the atmosphere even more murky. Below the dark chimney sat my bed, much too big for a 10-year-old. My fourth grade books, bag, school clothes, shoes and socks were scattered here and there, along with a steel plate, glass and bowl, on which I would be served my meals, like a jailed convict, I remember thinking. Also lying around were my dolls, and the little pieces of cloth I would cut out to make dresses for them; ‘talatuli’ we called them. Yes, I was at a talatuli-playing age, blessed with all the innocence that implies.

“You’re a woman now,” the maid says.

“How? Please tell me.”

“Being Nachhuni makes you a woman. And because this is your first time, you can’t touch your father or your brother.”

“I’m a woman now?”


How horrible was that day? The flowing of blood from where you peed, and the realisation that that you have no control over that flow, can’t stop it, even when your body trembles and hurts. Continue reading

How much do I fear of being Raped?

I had been avoiding this news of an Indian girl being raped –and now she is dead. It was hard but I was avoiding this because I could not even read the pain that girl went through– the word is so terrifying “Gang Rape”!! The word itself gives me goosebumps. But I could not avoid it too–when I read the news– I was like totally devastated, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, I was trembling and was feeling horribly helpless. How much brutal can a human be? Can they ever realize what they did with that innocent girl? So many thoughts have been hovering in my mind. The dichotomy between Good and Evil, the process of being Evil and the choice of being Evil..

And, now I hear the news of 6 year old being raped? How insane I feel?

While hundreds of thousands of people throng to street in India because they could relate to the same feeling, they felt same pain, the same fear of being raped. Why do our parents always say come home on time, you are a daughter, you should be home on time, you should not go alone out at night? Yes, they fear it too. They fear that their daughters will suffer similar kind of tragedy in life. There is a proverb which my sister repeats time and again — “Din affno, Rat arkako”– (Day is ours and nights are of others). And, I have been a journalist for past four and half years..working during odd hours and especially doing the night duty and returning home late. Didn’t I fear the silent cold road and only few vehicles plying?…Does my working place care that I am scared of driving after 8 PM?? Yet I always drove back home –being scared ! My sister fears even if I am late by 5 minutes…But why? Whats the matter that scares me and her? The thing I don’t want even to think about it or feel it — it is not being robbed –it is being RAPED!!! Continue reading

Final countdown for Nepalese constitution amid perplexity

by Sweta Baniya

KATHMANDU, May 27 (Xinhua) — With just few hours deadline remaining for the expiry of Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal, the situation has been perplexed as the uncertainty of constitution promulgation has gripped the nation.

“May 27” has been historically registered period of promulgating the first federal constitution in Nepal which is expected to ensure the rights of all the Nepalese. Sunday marks the last ultimatum to draft the new much awaited constitution in the nation and there is a serious hurry in leaders as the confusion persist among them due to their own stances.

There has been mounting fears that the country’s CA will be annulled in the one hand and on the other the country will not get the constitution. Meanwhile, a meeting among the three major parties — Unified Communist Party of Nepal- Maoists (UCPN-M), Nepali Congress (NC) and the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) — along with Madhesi Front is underway making final efforts to forge consensus on contentious issues. However, continuous dialogue is ongoing among leaders for over a month but no consensus or any conclusion has been fetched out.

Nothing seems to be certain in the nation and people are wondering “what next”. At a time when the country’s mood had to be euphoric with the arrival of the much awaited constitution, the situation in the country has been just opposite.

Moreover, the extremist voices coming from different ethnic fronts in the nation have further deteriorated with least hope of the constitution promulgation. During the whole month, Nepal also saw various kinds of protests, shutdowns and strikes.

Nepal has been facing a lot of political challenges after the CA was formed in 2008 which has been extended for four times after its first due date expired in the year 2010.

Yet, Nepali leaders had forged consensus on extending the deadline one more time amid mounting criticisms. However, Nepali Supreme Court (SC) issued an interim order directing the government not to take ahead the proposal to extend the CA’s term.

On August 28, 2011, Nepal elected its 35th Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai after a lot of obstacles in the Nepali parliament and misunderstandings between the leaders of the major parties.

Maoist PM Bhattarai-led government is the fourth government since 2008 and all three previous governments have failed to complete the major tasks of constitution drafting and peace process. On May 5, after all the major parties came together, a national coalition government was formed under Bhattarai’s leadership from which, however, the Nepali Congress has resigned.

Meanwhile, with the looming deadline of the CA on May 27 in Nepal, security in the capital Kathmandu has been beefed up in order to avert any untoward incidents.

As many as 10,000 security personnel have been deployed in the capital fearing possible clashes among different agitating groups. Time limit is decreasing, yet the till midnight every one will be remaining anxious. They wonder to know what will be the  next scenario in the nation.  Enditem

Published in Xinhuanet.com

Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles at Gurukul…

And, Odepius Rex ‘s Tickets were selling like the hot cakes…that’s why I was disappointed Saturday…but not on Sunday….

Oedipus Rex begins with the city plagued..and people have gathered around his palace. Oedipus has been made King of Thebes in gratitude for his freeing the people from the presence of the riddling Sphinx. Since Laius, the former king, had shortly before been killed, Oedipus has been married to Queen Jocasta and has children with her.

Once again Thebes is in problem and people want Oedipus to rescue them. Creon, Queen Jocasta’s brother has been sent to God Apollo who return with the news that the cause of plague is because of criminal who has killed King Laius. Then a blind seer,Tiresias is called and he reveals that Oedipus is himself the killer…and is son of King Laius and husband to his own mother. In outrage and anger Oedipus  imposes on the penalty of exile  for the murderer of Laius.

Queen Jocasta, however says that King Laius had been killed by robbers years later at the junction of three roads on the route to Delphi. Continue reading

Letter to the writer…


The writer of article Sinema Hall ki Sundari, published in Hello Sukrabar, Kantipur daily on Chaitra 28, friday,

Dear Writer !!!

The first thing I felt after reading your article was, “I was seriously dissappointed and whole heartedly embarrassed”. It was just opposite to what I have ever expected from your article.

Analysing your article I found it totally dominating the female gender, which will obiviously hurt me. A writer whose articles are time and again published in Kantipur daily has published this article which is totally directed towards the male superiority.
Continue reading

Lucky blog

I am feeling lucky. The advancement of technology through which I am able to type these wonderful words,thanks to adsl and special thanks to inverter by grace of which adsl modem is running and special thanks to this N82 in which i am typing these words. I am enjoying this cool morning in front of this fire no electricity so no computer…no college because of another strike and no office because of no electricity and what about lazy sweta cheers another day to rest. Lovely cell blog my 1st mobile entry cheers

And Life’s no more..

I would have loved to mourn on his untimely demise, but I would not do that. A very sweet memory left. How could he die in such an tender age, leaving a family, leaving this beautiful world. I remember Brave New World..a novel which I couldnot read because of its harshness and the realtiy exposed in such a dreadful manner.

Same thing happen as Huxley had imagined around me. Yes The Brave New World..Definitely the things that were fictional are being real. One way or the other people are moving towards it. Why the youngsters ?

I knew him as my big brother, as I used to put Bhai tika in his forehead. Though not related with by blood, we were socially realted as he was “Miit” ( I don’t know what it is called in english ) of my big brother.

I am tearful why writing about him here in this blog. I think this would be a tribute to him. A heartfelt condolence to a dear brother who left for heaven day bvefore yesterday and poor me to hear this sad news of his demise after a day.

I didn’t have any contact with him for years and years but we used to get information about him, that he is in drugs, he is using drugs and he is continually using drugs. And yesterday I hear that he died because of overdose of drugs.

I was shocked but I didn’t felt like mourning..It was a chosen death I believe. Something like a suicide by a slow poison. I wonder if he didn’t knew that drug will take his life like this. I wonder that before him too whether his friends had died or not..yes because of the use of drugs.

Why people chose drug as a escpae ? Why don’t we support them to leave it ? Why a sense of hatred for them for using drugs ? Why don’t we love them ? Why don’t we support them ? Why don’t we care them ? Why don’t we help them to get rid of drugs ? Why we leave them like this that they lose precious life like this? Why government is not taking action against them who traffick drugs?

I am sadden by this untimely demise of my brother..My chest pounds hard. I feel a pang in my heart. It has hurt me unlike anything. I wish I could have been able to see him for the last time, before he was burnt..I wish I could have talked with him for the last time, dear oh dear..I am feeling really bad..m in tears now..I can’t control myself..

And his life is no more…

Please don’t use drugs..Please help those who are into drugs..Please bring them back..all the friends and families..bring them the one who are in drugs..to the normal life..Please don’t hate them..Please I am humbly requesting ..I am humbly requesting..Please helo those who are in drugs..give them more love and care..so that they can again be able to stand.. Let us all help them..let us bring them back…Let us be untied to fight against drugs..Who knows if your brother dies like this..because of drugs..or someone closely related to u..then..

And his life is no more…

May his eternal soul rest in peace…!!!!

P.s Please say no to Drugs..!!!!!

2008-08-08 ( Yes! The Olympic Day )

Posted on August 9, 2008 by enigmaticsweta

I had know a year before that Olympic will be organised in Beijing, China….Our Chinese teacher had given us to translate the thing about Olympics on our final exam….But yesterday 2008-08-08, I forgot that it was Olympic day….till dad came home and told to watch Olympic….I have been a huge admirer of Chinese culture and those wonderful chinese clads…especially of female…the hair style…and the love for language which I had been learning….Chinese was hard indeed really tough . Those strokes, those eye paining character, those tones of chinese language, those hard but laughter producing and of course our NEPALI tone and Dialect when we spoke Chinese and equally the misunderstanding between we and our Chinese Mam….Wang Yen Feng.Wang Lao Shi ( meaning madam Wang ) was a perfect teacher…..even she learned Nepali language..those six months with her was awesome. She was such an wonderful human being. I had hardly left any Chinese classes of her that gave me the title of her best student…or my enthusiasm of learning Language ….scoring second highest marks and being the youngest student. ( I was 16 then…just passed SLC )To watch Olympic yesterday reminded me my chinese classes….and those wortds of Wang Lao Shi..as she had described it was more nicer than that…I was quite familiar with the chinese cultures that made my separate views towards the opening ceremony…It was unbelievable that it was the humans who were performing….They were performing magic I thought….I loved the dressess of chinese girls screaming and dancing….those enthusiasm of chinese people their unity power made me to think about them for a long time….Equally the participation to make the game from childrens to teenagers to young men and women….They are united and I thought of our nation’s internal conflicts between Madhesis and us I must say… We even don’t have unity among us we the family, among friends and WE…Just the olympics reminded me so many things…the power of Unity indeed…

P.S. I really enjoyed yesterday watching Olympic…..the grand ceremony…reminded me of my old Chinese clasess..i am going to chinese 5th semester from monday

Quest of a dreaming Girl

Everyone plans for life and always dream something. Most of the people are really busy planning the things that they will do tomorrow. Their dream or dreams are based on how they can improve their lifestyles and how they can make their living more beautiful than now more prosperous than now and make their living wonderful. They are all idiosyncratic and think about the things to be done for themselves and for their family members but others. They don’t have any time to think about others and just think and plan for themselves only. Never got a chance to think for other than home, family and relatives. I am asking WHY??? ….Why is this so because this is the way you live and is this the way prescribed for you? Is this how you live by?? The answer would be yes….because this is your life and you want it to be more and more beautiful than others…..Am I wrong?? But I don’t to be included in your entire category. But I sometime feel that I too have fallen in your category. That time my heart aches and I feel a deep pain how could I be so much idiosyncratic and how could I be rated in your category. So I would like to have a change within myself because I don’t like to be idiosyncratic and self-centered. So I implanted a quest within myself. A quest that is my personal view that came in my mind while I was traveling through the road. Just a quest that changed my views and thinking. A quest that makes me happy that I am not like those sick idiosyncratic. This quest lifted my spirit up and made me too feel better. That day as usual I was traveling sitting at my dad’s bike through the same road and through the same place. There was a huge traffic jam as it used to be always and the place smelled so bad and the place was little far away from Kalimati and that Bishnumati River smelling so horrible….Everyone was closing their nose. Not looking at the river too. I traveled through the bridge everyday but that day only I realized that we travel the road everyday but we never think to kill the smell and thought of cleaning the river. The river is in completely miserable and is completely horrible too. No one is responsible for it but we are. We are responsible for the condition of the river so bad. I realized and I just planted the quest in me that I dream of seeing the river fresh as ever and seeing the river flowing with the water so fresh and I dream for the river to be the most popular hangouts were people could make their morning and evening walks…or just go around that will give a immense pleasure. I dreamt me enjoying with the flow of the river and I dreamt that someday I will go there to enjoy a day that will give me inner pleasure and emotional escape. After all where could I search for the happiness…..I will surely find that in my dream and my quest. This is the quest of dreaming girl l. A simple dreaming girl dreaming for the surrounding. Yes, I too have dreams for my family and for myself. But my dreams are not limited in my circles because they are for all. This is the quest of a dreaming girl……..