Jaat Sodhnu Jogi Ko..

Fantastic !!!

WOW..I am spellbounded because I am laughing till today remembering the evidences of the drama I watched last Saturday. Such an wonderful representation of human predicament created in the form of laughter. A way the writer has presented himself and the director trying to make the audience think and think over the matter and contemplate I did the same.

In the introduction only it was said that the drama was very famous. At first I had thought seriously that this was a very serious. The issue was so much mind captivating. The wonderful dialogues and the wonderful characters make the play more and more interesting . The more you watch the play the more you feel energy for laughing. The more you get deep into it. You never know how the one hour went off.

The setting of the play at first Kathmandu city and after that a rural village. The protagonist of the play “Mai Narayan Gharti” played and splendidly potrayed by Sunil Pokherel is still in my mind. The expressive dialogues and the soliloquy of the character was really wonderful. The whole dramatic element was presented very much well. Everyone did their job very much nicely. Each character played by the actors was splendid.

Another Gurukul masterpiece , the paly made me contemplate. When we look at the plot of the play too it is based on the contemporary realities and its a beautiful picture of the contemporatry realities. How much a person longs for the Master Degree, how much he longs for the job and how much he does to save the job.

Its a struggle of a person for study, for job, for his post and ofcourse for money, for the name Professor. I found myself in the character because of facing same problem. Longing to study hard, finding job not for money but for myself. The longing for study, the longing for the Professorship…

Also the students of rural area their language and the traces of simple modernism in them the way they talk, the way the rural grown-ups are all very much protrayed beautifully.

Anyways it was a real treat to me. It was so fun watching the play. I am feeling wonderful now too. Remembering the play. I am palnning to go there again to watch it. Again feel the laughter again hear the people laughing freakly freely..the drama hall  with all the laughter.

Hats off to the all….the actors and also Mr. Sunil Pokhrel and yes the director Anup Baral.

“Reality Bites” at Gurukul

Contemplated !!!

I am feeling overwhelmed over the reality exposed there at Gurukul of Mithila, Janakpur in the form of a play “Woh Khali Muh dekhi che “where the “Dowry” has its roots deeply rooted in the society. No education too couldnot do anything, what can be done then. I am really contemplated. Few months back there was a news of a woman brutually brunt to death and the problem was dowry. Upto when female shall suffer…Being borned as female is a question now ?

The story is simple but it has exposed the harsh reality and exposed the real face of the society of Mithila, Janakpur. The play is simple about a family who has a daughter,Sita’s father Krishna decides to educate her and she gets the good education too. However a girl needs to get marry, and to marry huge amount of dowry is needed which the family cannot bear. This unbearable amount to be paid and to buy a husband for the daughter makes the father’s mind evil. So, when the daughter comes home saying she is bitten by an snake, father denies to look after her because he wants her to die and it is known by him only. Eventually she dies and play ends in a tragedy.

The human mind exposed in the drama is awesome. The character played by Sita’s father is beautifully potrayed. The emotions and feelings of the actors in the play not only the situation of tearfullness but also at the situation of happiness all are so much beautifully done. All the characters are acted so well that the whole play becomes such an beautiful piece of art. I cried at many times with the actors. The mental breakdown scene of the father is so awesome that I am overwhelmed.

The play thus became one of the best play I have ever seen because of the intensity of the emotions and feelings, the human mind, psychological aspect and condition when the problem related to money comes. The plot, characterisation, cultural potraits, customes,space and time management, human predicament, human sorrows, social parody, everything makes the play such a beautiful piece of art. The play is awesome.

Now, a small commentary over the social malpractices. I question to myself being Sita, Is being borned as a daughter such an sinful act ? Are we educated at last for getting married to a rich guy and then live in the domination forever. How many Sitas die every year, how many Sitas are exploiated as such, how many father loses his conscience as Sitas father, how many Sitas suffer like this.

The play urges for ending such malpractices in the society, so that so many like Sita can live life to the fullest, so that so many houses would not ruin as Sitas and so many father will not feel their daughter as a burden.

Awesome tragedy, it melted my heart. It was nice to see such an wonderful representation of human predicament. The real real reality of our country, our Sitas. Reality certainly bites. I felt a pang in my heart and I felt contemplated to the extent.

P.S. Reality Bites !!!!

Bade Bhai Sab & Bimar

Wonderful !!!

After a long interval I went there again, yes again to watch the play there at Gurukul. Thank god there was proper parking. Otherwise it would really have been hard for me to ride up there. I have longed a lot since the day I had known about the theatre festival to be happened; I had this misconception that the festival was only Nepali. After all the title is “Kathmandu International Theatre Festival”, how could I not understand the meaning “International”.

Gurukul beautifully decorated not like in the ordinary days, there were book stalls and I think music stalls. It was nice to find a book by Dr. Aruno Gupto which is an interpretation on Shrish Ko phul ( By Parijat) and Agni Ko Katha ( By Abhi Subedi ).

Yes I was alone, once again. I just flick through the book and the time came to enter. I am always proud to buy a 100 rupee ticket because I believe that much I can do as a contribution. There is no any difference I feel in a 25 rupee ticket which I can easily get by showing my id card and the hundred rupee one. But it’s my personal tribute.

The Plays-:

The play was wonderful. This is the first time that I have watched a Hindhi drama, and the first experience was really wonderful. I am telling this to every body that “I kept on smiling for a long time “.

The plot, characters, and action everything was so much fine and beautiful. All the characters were male and I wonder that all male play can be such a wonderful thing. However the director was a lady. The actors were so deep into the character that they look awesome acting there in the stage. The first one Bade Bhai Sab, was too good. The actors were playing the role of a child, creating childhood emotions and exposing their talent.

I must say the actors were brilliant. They didn’t miss anything. The real looking characters, the dialogues the ego problems..etc etc..all was awesome.

The story of two brothers in Bade Bhai Sab, their problems related to study, the seriousness and the easiness, the flying of kite. The natural acting..the actors deep into character..such an wonderful piece of art. I really felt happy to see a different play.

Another “Bimar” a farce…it made me laugh, laugh and laugh continuously, uncontrollably. But it was serious, that serious a part must not be avoided. However comic and actions the play the issue was serious. How we lack confidence not to believe in ourselves and believe in others ? The play though about sickness, gives us sense that we want everything to be good and in this search for goodness we don’t hear our inner voice which would guide us more thatn anything wlse but we are always in temptation to hear others and their we fail. The final state of the person who was sick is really bad….though we all laughed at him because of his crazyness, it was his mental breakdown.. the most serious..

Finally I got refreshed …It was refreshing..laughter producing..I loved everything about the play.. and Gurukul..it Rocks…

Again at Gurukul!!!

Perhaps blogging has become a passion!! I want to write and write.

Today I again went to Gurukul to watch the same play called Karnali Dakkin Bagdo cha ( Karnali moving southward). This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself. As in earlier post I have told in P.S. that I am going to watch the play for the second time. And I am so proud that I did that. After an accident too!!!! Yes I had an accident today that taxi hited me and didn’t cared. I broked my baby bride’s looking glass and my right hand is paining a lot ( Yes while I am typing these words too , damn its paining so much.)

I knew I would have an accident today. My heart was saying it something is going to be happene bad ofcourse and I was so scared today. I am thankful to god that nothing serious happened to we both ( me and my baby bride ). As I told I am so stubborn I proved it today I must say I proved it to myself.  ( Oh the leg is paining too and my poor hand its paining but I am not gracing it because I am writing and I can’t compromise)

As I was blogging before I went to Gurukul and I was doing this and that, I became little late. I reached there as I had given time to my friend. But to my dismay there was no “Wallet” and no wallet means no money and no license. My new friend recognized me and I was suprised but as there was no wallet of mine I was busy searching. I am sorry for my friend that I didn’t noticed you. What could I do then I needed to go back home and take my wallet? ( Ah!! this hand is paining so much dammed).

Aba pani napare ta hunthiyo ni hai? ( Wished it had not rained )…I hate putting raincoat and it was raining so hard. But I love being in rain ( not while I am driving). I had put on my jacket and while I reached tirpureshwor it was really raining hard. I was challenging this Pulsar guy LOL!! How could I win guys rite tyo pani Pulsar chalaune…!!!( one who drives pulsar). The rain was hard to handle. It was a big rain indeed. My mom had wished I would not go there. She didn’t told but I knew that she would not like me to go again. But see my stubborness I didn’t let her speak a word and I ran away.

I know I was driving so rough, so fast. I needed to reach Gurukul as fast as possible. Then while I reached Teku , I was trying to overtake the Taxi , and that Taxi without using the side light crossed my way and made me fall on the road. There were nobody to help and I felt like laughing. My baby bride’s one Looking glass was on the road. But I didn’t really took care about the accident. ( The hand is paining a lot, Its hard to type). I needed to reach there at time and I reached without a glass of my scooty ( I was remembering the one glassed scooty pep of Mallika Sherawat in the movie Ugly aur Pagli, my situation was same)

The I reached there on time. My hand was paining and my legs were trembling so fast, my heart beating faster because of fear. My hands shaking. I controlled myself. I didnot told this to my friend.

Then as usual the play started aand my friend was the organizer and I felt proud that the one speaking was my friend. This is the first time I had watched the drama sitting at last and I was happy because I could see everything and hear everything.

But yesterday the actors forgot their dialogues and the fire was not burning, so it was little embarrasing. However the play was awesome as I have mentioned before.  It has seriously captured my heart. This time I didn’t cried but I was disillusioned again and I love my disillusionment. 

The above words were typed yesterday on 06 Sep 08. The light went off but the beauty of wordpress that the draft is saved and I am really grateful for this.

So, I am typing the words again on 7th Spe 08.  Actually I needed to go College. Yesterday’s simple accident became a new excuse for me for mot going to the college and guess what! I am really happy for this. The dress I had found and ironed is hanging in the hangar , I think I need to hide because Daddy doesnot knows that I had an accident yesterday and I know he has forgot that I had college today. ( This hand is paining today also, I am hopeful that there is no facutre.)

So, Karnali parody made me thoughtful again and I am screaming and shouting about the Karnali peolpe at my home. The play has captured my heart. This would be always in my heart. This would be my favourite forever and I shall cherish it for my life.

P.S. Disillusioned Perhaps….!!!

Karnali Parody at Gurukul….

23 Aug 2008, Saturday

As I read in the newspaper about the new drama that will be shown at Gurukul, I have already made uo my mind to go there. Yes, I always love drama and I love to watch them being very much enthusiastic. I love the place so much and I have a stong attachment to the place. I hate to go to Movie Theatre and I have gone only twice in a life time….one at Guna Cinema with big sisters to watch a stupid movie called Tarkeeb and second near my house at Metro Hall…with my friend and free of cost….I really do not have good hall experience but Gurukul.

To read about gurukul was always fun…and I regret why after all why I had not gone to watch Mahan Shilpee…which one of my friends had organised. I had thought a time  would come and I will go there and I had told her the same. Then I went to Gurukul to watch a play called “A doll’s House” with dad and I was full of tears that time. Perhaps my dad did not noticed that. Then I went to watch few more plays ( I would be writing about them in the blog soon ) and now I have courage to go and watch play with out any fear. Perhaps I am not fearing the dark now. hahah…

So I was telling about the play I watched yesterday ….called Karnali Dakkhin bagdo cha ( Karnali moving Southward ) and I was left with full of tears and my heart full of love towards the people of karnali.

The play was awesome…I was so deep into it and I perhaps escaped too. Like a drunkard escpaes in his drink….I escape when I watch any drama there at Gurukul. The place has been my choice of escape I chose…I just forget everything…my responsibilities and my pains and my world which I live. I get intoxicated at the time when I watch drama….Oh…I love it so much…and I love my escpae from the world so much…:)

The play was hard to understand alhough it was in Nepali…the old form of the nepali language but I did not understood most of the things but the feeling in my heart made me understand it so deeply that the play touched my heart so much and enlightend my emotions as no other play I have watched at Gurukul..The dances, the folk songs and those activities of the people was just looking so much true and the acting was superb.

So, I got to know about the parody of the Karnali people, no no they too are Nepali citizens and but so much excluded from everything …perhaps.. How could I ever imagine a life without electricity, food, education, road, child marriage ,unemployment and other many problems the people are living in the midst of the anarchaism and hypocrisy. I was amazed because the drama was too realistic to make me believe that people are living in such a condition in  Karnali and see me like them I am too a neplai citizen but how free I am and perhaps I must say how lucky I am to be borned at kathmandu in a prosperous famil. I am living a life of a princess perhaps by seeing such a condition of my own nepali fellows my heart melted…..

They are too simple and such a fateless and hapless people. Come on they are our own fellow being and see what are the differences between they and us. Perhaps in the name of civilization we have come too far leaving behind those of our own fellow beings. Theis cries made me cry so many times in the play and to be sure I have been highly influenced by the drama. 

I told my mom, waking at four in the mornig that I want to do something by donating some amount of money from my salary but she was so reluctant and told me first you earn more !!! see parody I am too living in this situation but come on mom see I am living like a princess and my fellow Nepali poor girls and guys…oh!! my hearts melting ….

If I could do something I would love to do ….the parody of Karnali made me so thoughtful…

P.S. I am going to see it again…