Again at Gurukul!!!

Perhaps blogging has become a passion!! I want to write and write.

Today I again went to Gurukul to watch the same play called Karnali Dakkin Bagdo cha ( Karnali moving southward). This is the first time I have kept my promise to myself. As in earlier post I have told in P.S. that I am going to watch the play for the second time. And I am so proud that I did that. After an accident too!!!! Yes I had an accident today that taxi hited me and didn’t cared. I broked my baby bride’s looking glass and my right hand is paining a lot ( Yes while I am typing these words too , damn its paining so much.)

I knew I would have an accident today. My heart was saying it something is going to be happene bad ofcourse and I was so scared today. I am thankful to god that nothing serious happened to we both ( me and my baby bride ). As I told I am so stubborn I proved it today I must say I proved it to myself.  ( Oh the leg is paining too and my poor hand its paining but I am not gracing it because I am writing and I can’t compromise)

As I was blogging before I went to Gurukul and I was doing this and that, I became little late. I reached there as I had given time to my friend. But to my dismay there was no “Wallet” and no wallet means no money and no license. My new friend recognized me and I was suprised but as there was no wallet of mine I was busy searching. I am sorry for my friend that I didn’t noticed you. What could I do then I needed to go back home and take my wallet? ( Ah!! this hand is paining so much dammed).

Aba pani napare ta hunthiyo ni hai? ( Wished it had not rained )…I hate putting raincoat and it was raining so hard. But I love being in rain ( not while I am driving). I had put on my jacket and while I reached tirpureshwor it was really raining hard. I was challenging this Pulsar guy LOL!! How could I win guys rite tyo pani Pulsar chalaune…!!!( one who drives pulsar). The rain was hard to handle. It was a big rain indeed. My mom had wished I would not go there. She didn’t told but I knew that she would not like me to go again. But see my stubborness I didn’t let her speak a word and I ran away.

I know I was driving so rough, so fast. I needed to reach Gurukul as fast as possible. Then while I reached Teku , I was trying to overtake the Taxi , and that Taxi without using the side light crossed my way and made me fall on the road. There were nobody to help and I felt like laughing. My baby bride’s one Looking glass was on the road. But I didn’t really took care about the accident. ( The hand is paining a lot, Its hard to type). I needed to reach there at time and I reached without a glass of my scooty ( I was remembering the one glassed scooty pep of Mallika Sherawat in the movie Ugly aur Pagli, my situation was same)

The I reached there on time. My hand was paining and my legs were trembling so fast, my heart beating faster because of fear. My hands shaking. I controlled myself. I didnot told this to my friend.

Then as usual the play started aand my friend was the organizer and I felt proud that the one speaking was my friend. This is the first time I had watched the drama sitting at last and I was happy because I could see everything and hear everything.

But yesterday the actors forgot their dialogues and the fire was not burning, so it was little embarrasing. However the play was awesome as I have mentioned before.  It has seriously captured my heart. This time I didn’t cried but I was disillusioned again and I love my disillusionment. 

The above words were typed yesterday on 06 Sep 08. The light went off but the beauty of wordpress that the draft is saved and I am really grateful for this.

So, I am typing the words again on 7th Spe 08.  Actually I needed to go College. Yesterday’s simple accident became a new excuse for me for mot going to the college and guess what! I am really happy for this. The dress I had found and ironed is hanging in the hangar , I think I need to hide because Daddy doesnot knows that I had an accident yesterday and I know he has forgot that I had college today. ( This hand is paining today also, I am hopeful that there is no facutre.)

So, Karnali parody made me thoughtful again and I am screaming and shouting about the Karnali peolpe at my home. The play has captured my heart. This would be always in my heart. This would be my favourite forever and I shall cherish it for my life.

P.S. Disillusioned Perhaps….!!!


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  1. Hi sewta ji. I had also watched the sme drama at gurul and its really a heart touching one. and I really liked your blog site. well done. Keep it up

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