Karnali Parody at Gurukul….

23 Aug 2008, Saturday

As I read in the newspaper about the new drama that will be shown at Gurukul, I have already made uo my mind to go there. Yes, I always love drama and I love to watch them being very much enthusiastic. I love the place so much and I have a stong attachment to the place. I hate to go to Movie Theatre and I have gone only twice in a life time….one at Guna Cinema with big sisters to watch a stupid movie called Tarkeeb and second near my house at Metro Hall…with my friend and free of cost….I really do not have good hall experience but Gurukul.

To read about gurukul was always fun…and I regret why after all why I had not gone to watch Mahan Shilpee…which one of my friends had organised. I had thought a time  would come and I will go there and I had told her the same. Then I went to Gurukul to watch a play called “A doll’s House” with dad and I was full of tears that time. Perhaps my dad did not noticed that. Then I went to watch few more plays ( I would be writing about them in the blog soon ) and now I have courage to go and watch play with out any fear. Perhaps I am not fearing the dark now. hahah…

So I was telling about the play I watched yesterday ….called Karnali Dakkhin bagdo cha ( Karnali moving Southward ) and I was left with full of tears and my heart full of love towards the people of karnali.

The play was awesome…I was so deep into it and I perhaps escaped too. Like a drunkard escpaes in his drink….I escape when I watch any drama there at Gurukul. The place has been my choice of escape I chose…I just forget everything…my responsibilities and my pains and my world which I live. I get intoxicated at the time when I watch drama….Oh…I love it so much…and I love my escpae from the world so much…:)

The play was hard to understand alhough it was in Nepali…the old form of the nepali language but I did not understood most of the things but the feeling in my heart made me understand it so deeply that the play touched my heart so much and enlightend my emotions as no other play I have watched at Gurukul..The dances, the folk songs and those activities of the people was just looking so much true and the acting was superb.

So, I got to know about the parody of the Karnali people, no no they too are Nepali citizens and but so much excluded from everything …perhaps.. How could I ever imagine a life without electricity, food, education, road, child marriage ,unemployment and other many problems the people are living in the midst of the anarchaism and hypocrisy. I was amazed because the drama was too realistic to make me believe that people are living in such a condition in  Karnali and see me like them I am too a neplai citizen but how free I am and perhaps I must say how lucky I am to be borned at kathmandu in a prosperous famil. I am living a life of a princess perhaps by seeing such a condition of my own nepali fellows my heart melted…..

They are too simple and such a fateless and hapless people. Come on they are our own fellow being and see what are the differences between they and us. Perhaps in the name of civilization we have come too far leaving behind those of our own fellow beings. Theis cries made me cry so many times in the play and to be sure I have been highly influenced by the drama. 

I told my mom, waking at four in the mornig that I want to do something by donating some amount of money from my salary but she was so reluctant and told me first you earn more !!! see parody I am too living in this situation but come on mom see I am living like a princess and my fellow Nepali poor girls and guys…oh!! my hearts melting ….

If I could do something I would love to do ….the parody of Karnali made me so thoughtful…

P.S. I am going to see it again…


4 Responses

  1. I just forget everything…my responsibilities and my pains and my world which I live. I get intoxicated at the time when I watch drama….Oh…I love it so much…and I love my escpae from the world so much…:)

    wowwww u have become master in expressing ur feeling yar hummmmm very nicely written ….u have in u yar something ta cha n skill …..i still wonder when is ur episode fo high voltage gona come in market :p
    always anil,

  2. Thank u so much anil…I have always cherished comments from you
    Nah!! not a master….but need to learn a lot.
    Anyways thank u so much!!

  3. Hey,

    Seek words now. As your feelings are good and people must read it as there is truth I(even you do not hasitate to include the truth of family) let’s people give oppurtinuty to learn from you sharing.

    Seek the words which carries a broad meaning then making sentence long. Hai??

  4. तिम्रो यो नाटक समिक्षाबाट नै कल्पना गर्न सकिन्छ “कर्णाली दख्खिन बग्दो छ” कस्तो सुन्दर छ प्रस्तुतिमा र कति दु:खदायी छ यसको भित्री विषय वस्तुमा प्रस्तुत जीवन जो काठमाडौँ बासी हरू त कल्पना पनि गर्न सक्दैनन् । धेरै सुनेको छु यसको बारे हेर्ने मौका मिल्दै गइहाल्छु म हेर्न ।।

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