Pray For Nepal



7.6 Richter Scale Eartquake stuck Nepal. 1800 above have been dead. Thousands injured!

Nepal Need Prayers

Nepal Earthquake! picture source: Nine News' Twitter account

Nepal Earthquake! picture source: Nine News’ Twitter account



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There was only entrance from both ends where we waited each other. We found love ~ and we never escaped the beautiful maze (:

There was only entrance from both ends where we waited for finding ourselves. But moving inside, love found us and it never lets us to escape from beautiful maze (:

You are Everywhere!

The tips of my finger just typed the above words in my pink keyboard. I remember how you teased me saying, “You have everything pink- but Keyboard as well- Really?”, of course with your dimpled smile accepting my favorite color.   May be I have been thinking about you a lot or may be I have been talking with you inside my own world a lot or may be it is basically true that – “You are Everywhere ~ Just Everywhere”

How can somebody occupy that much space when I all the time say that I need my personal space, I need to be with myself! I think I lie. I don’t need my space anymore since the day when I welcomed you in my little world. The first day, I saw you~ world had completely blurred as eyes were focused on you ~ only you. I don’t know my mind did not only picture you but also took a video or even a selfie with you~ the memories lie in the perfect files in the cabinet of mind. Yeah, I do flip through files. Also through the pictures of you in my mind, sometime play back that video that I have captured you with smile, laughter or just in a silent mood when I am babbling a lot – like all the time I do or sometimes just watch ourselves walking together with crossed palms or you holding me in your arms or sometimes us sitting in the ground and just talking on and on and on.

May be truly – You are everywhere!

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Secret Sacred Silence

The Kiss by 19th Century  Austrian symbolist painter

The Kiss by 19th Century Austrian symbolist painter ( And used by The Kathmandu post for this story)

After twelve days is my second marriage. People have been invited, and I am excited. Yes, this is the second time I am marrying. Oh, I am all excited to marry Surya—yes, the Sun God. I have already gotten married to the wood-apple fruit. Thinking of seeing the sun after this 12-day-long seclusion makes me anxious, nervous, happy, shy. I will be a bride—a real one—not the make-believe one I play with Kali, Chaturi and Muiyaa, without any ornaments or makup. Their caste doesn’t have such provisions as ours, which turns us into a bride thrice in life. Oh, I am so lucky that I can be a real bride three times—three golden times. My happiness today is different—it is kind of mixed, as the rituals are strange. They tickle me too. I feel tickled when I am made to do things.

“This is kwon, for scrubbing your face and taking off your dirt,” says Hajur Ma. I call her Ma.

“This is just the beginning, but you will learn shringar, the art of makeup soon,” she adds.

That means I will be allowed to use my mother’s many colours, which she puts on her lips, making them luscious, her eyelids and cheeks. The colourful bands and flowers she puts on her head. Like hers, my ears will be covered by golden earrings, my neck, with necklaces and beads, and my feet will be painted red with alaa. And the attire, yes the attire: the dark red sari along with ornaments and many things. I will look as beautiful as her, maybe more beautiful than other girls.

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Few Poems – For You

Behind you - I silently compose poems in my head-But aren't we poetry ourselves?

Behind you – I silently compose poems in my head-But aren’t we poetry ourselves?

Poem-1: Pocket

In that pocket

Life is kept safe

More than the wallet

More than the house key

More than anything that’s valuable

There is You ~ my happiness

I call it heart!


Poem 2: Junkiri Nights

Moon was hiding behind that naked Tree

I viber-ed you

The image I managed to capture with phone


There was something I could only capture

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