Echoes of the Soul

You are the wind and I sway with you -- I am the wind and you sway with me

You are the wind  with you I sway — I am the wind with me you sway..  pic: by me somewhere on the way to kulekhani


 The Soul Chat -:

There you are — you were there always- it was me who never understood your presence. You always remained underscored and otherwise a vigilant who never expressed anything, who never wanted anything in return. You are I and I am you – I am you and you were I some time ago. How the role changes? How well this telepathy works? How well are we connected with an invisible network of our souls? Don’t you feel the same vibes that I feel? The positivity, the charm that makes us laugh or sometimes negativity and the sadness that turns us silent– our life is full of these both emotions, right? My soul echoes to the voice of your soul – and yours? How can your soul not echo my voice? I often hear myself — my inner self’s echoes when we have this soul chat.

This is our favorite bakery shop — and here is our favorite table -we sit there often face to face – confused always what to have first- (The first day I had met you – I had worried so much about my eating etiquette – I know you remember that and I know how much you like the way I eat– messily 🙂 ). Well, the first time of our soul chat was amazing – I thought I was you for the first time. I saw myself in you. You were like a mirror for me– Am I a mirror for you too? To watch your past or present in me?

Oh I was talking about our favorite place – where we sit and our soul echoes and echoes to each other. I order an iced tea – my favorite one since I gave up Coffee (Painful). Continue reading

Five Complete Years – Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source:

Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source:

Had always a flair for writing, reading — It started with writing diary — short poems advocating Child Rights then under the teenagey -whims — the poems turned Romantic– Whoa! Then it turned out to be secret letters or or secret love poems of love written for the then crushes (which were hyper-romantic) only to be read in front of best buddies — it was 2000- onwards. I still remember a line “He will be in Tuxedo and I in red flowing gown/ He asks why are you so shy/ You are looking at me that’s why” . I feel funny now!

After school friends were left behind and I went to seek my own destiny — all alone — Diary writing became rigorous. I wrote a lot of pages — of just everything — poems, monologues, frustrations or even about the movies I watched or places I visit or about my Chinese classes. — Then after learning Chinese language — to keep my diary secret I began writing in Chinese — It was 2004-6. When I look back it now — I don’t understand my own Chinese writing 😦 — but I want to read what was such a big secret for me that time — I really want to get back to myself.

Internet was so fascinating– Many friends were flying abroad — Many senior cousins were already in USA — Email writing became a hobby — Also when I had to write Emails to Dad’s frens on “” – Email writing became a hobby. MSN became more lovelier — when you could talk with your friends Hi5 was so fascinating –then there was a section which attracted me — Journal. Then when I read my friend’s journals — I was so tempted to write my own. This was 2007.

2008 – Gifted with me this blog – a space of my own – a room of one’s own (Like Virginia Woolf said)– It was a crazy moment- suddenly you were on the web — blog was as much as like a personal website — your poems, stories, monologues are not just limited to you diary — it was accessible to a large swathe of public. More fascinating was your blog was on google too 🙂 :). Blog became a passion, craziness for writing evolved. It was also because people started reading you, praising your writings and making comments. Continue reading