You are 6! Warm Birthday Dear Blog

Dear Coffee House,

You have seen me blocked for so long, not writing a single word or even scribbling a single word any where, more than that forgetting your existence – I sometimes didn’t logged in for a month! But you resisted and I came back to you time and again, because you are the only one with whom I can be so true, with whom I can share my within with and write and write and write without thinking anything, anyone or any repercussions.

You and I are both like a Phoenix ~ we tend to rise out of our own ashes when we complete burning ourselves alive. I know people don’t read you these days as they used to read you but there are few who have always cared about you and I both. They have always cherished me and more than me they have cherished you because you are so wonderful to them, they love you ~ I swear I have heard many saying that ~ they love you more than me ~ Well very few love me ~ you are the one, right? I know you are giving your half smile when you are reading this line ~ believe me ~ your smile kills me.

I must praise your perseverance,  Dear Blog. You have been so much struggling to bring a writer out of me by forcing me to write on and on. Even though I have ignored you most of the time and didn’t write a word for months ~ you existed ~ you existed because you are so strong and you are made strong by the visitors and the readers who visit you time and again ~ they keep you and I both alive in fact. Still, I praise you for your silence and being there always when I come back out of blue, frustration or sometimes with an intense desire to pour myself drop by drop or word by word. Where else, will I go? Rather than coming to you.

Dear Coffee House,
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