Literature and Human Rights

Human Rights have been partially taught in variety of genres of Humanities and Social Sciences. It has seen its different variety of forms for an example – in Media it is related with issues such as censorship or in various other genres of social sciences – Human Rights is studied in a different way. Human Rights has been a matter of discipline of law, political science or the cultural studies. But what about in Literature? The study of literature is nowadays more and more interdisciplinary. This is allowing the courses and other disciplines to make the study of literature more diverse and interesting.  As a part of Blog Action Day 2013 and the theme set for this year #HumanRights , I chose the topic of – Literature and Human Rights, which is one of the subjects I am studying now – to write about.

“Literature and Human Rights” is also one of the courses I am pursuing in my Masters of Philosophy ( MPHIL ) in English class. This is the unique course that has been introduced by Tribhuvan University, Nepal for the MPHIL students. However, the subject teacher told that the course is of Undergraduate studies in America (Ironical). Human behavior, condition and thinking are explored in literature additionally Human Rights is also the product of same human civilization. Human Rights are certain type of rights that are peculiar to human themselves. The first and foremost or the ancient form of Human Rights is Religion. Most of the religions talk about human rights which makes the subject matter naturally literature of human rights.

In the subject Literature and Human Rights we are studying a variety of texts that are related to the theoretical aspects of the Human Rights, its definition and explanation as well as analysis. Moreover we are also studying literary approaches to study Human Rights, the theories on Human Rights. As well as we are studying the Literature of violence including trauma. With the approaches of selected theorists we will be re looking the literature from the perspective of various theories including the trauma theory. With all these, we will also be studying what is the purpose of literary works? Continue reading

How much do I fear of being Raped?

I had been avoiding this news of an Indian girl being raped –and now she is dead. It was hard but I was avoiding this because I could not even read the pain that girl went through– the word is so terrifying “Gang Rape”!! The word itself gives me goosebumps. But I could not avoid it too–when I read the news– I was like totally devastated, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, I was trembling and was feeling horribly helpless. How much brutal can a human be? Can they ever realize what they did with that innocent girl? So many thoughts have been hovering in my mind. The dichotomy between Good and Evil, the process of being Evil and the choice of being Evil..

And, now I hear the news of 6 year old being raped? How insane I feel?

While hundreds of thousands of people throng to street in India because they could relate to the same feeling, they felt same pain, the same fear of being raped. Why do our parents always say come home on time, you are a daughter, you should be home on time, you should not go alone out at night? Yes, they fear it too. They fear that their daughters will suffer similar kind of tragedy in life. There is a proverb which my sister repeats time and again — “Din affno, Rat arkako”– (Day is ours and nights are of others). And, I have been a journalist for past four and half years..working during odd hours and especially doing the night duty and returning home late. Didn’t I fear the silent cold road and only few vehicles plying?…Does my working place care that I am scared of driving after 8 PM?? Yet I always drove back home –being scared ! My sister fears even if I am late by 5 minutes…But why? Whats the matter that scares me and her? The thing I don’t want even to think about it or feel it — it is not being robbed –it is being RAPED!!! Continue reading