To you,

Did Caterpillar ever know it will transgress into a Colorful Butterfly? When shall my caterpillar life end? When shall I be a fluttering colorful butterfly ? Or for me there is no any chance to be a butterfly? For how long will I be limited to this caterpillarness of mine? I am scared..I fear that I would be bound to live in this monotony. But I fear “change” as well. I fear change because I am habituated to this stagnant state of mine. Immovability or desired -wished or destined immovability? Confusion!

Back and forth, Back and Forth–Past and Present and Future -in which state– do I belong? I along with my lazy and hazy caterpillarness live inside this “Laxman Rekha” of the present. But am I bound by this Laxman Rekha line? Life will not be interesting– Wouldn’t the story of Ramayan be stagnant hadn’t Sita not defied the Laxman Rekha and went beyond? I transgress these boundaries, I go beyond this Laxman Rekha– Continue reading

Dreams ??

Close the eyes and dream tonight

Don’t dream old

Dream something new this time

Is it the brain or heart ?

Which one sketches the dreams of mine?

Twisting and Turning —

Turning and twisting all over the night

 Viewing a view seen only with the closed eyes..

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