To, dear Sunkoshi ~ With Love

It feels like yesterday, I walked along your bank, walked inside you splashing you here and there as I liked, while you played with me too…with full of love. It was you Dear Sunkoshi, how loveable were you then, how beautiful and how sublime were you then. The precious feeling while I walked along your bank forced me to compose poetry full of love. It feels like yesterday while I strolling along your bank I weaved the story in my head. Do you know I was knitting the plot of my love while I fell for you, Oh Dear Sunkoshi !!!

While I landed back to Kathmandu, I saw you all over in paper, television, I read news about you. I was not in any mood to believe anything. To, believe anything that you are facing such a huge disaster in life will be nearly the death of me. Suddenly you are there Sunkoshi and suddenly you are not there. You have changed so much that I can hardly recognize you. Yet, I love you with equal amount of feelings, with that passion. But this time with full of pain and cries. Oh! Sunkoshi, how can one bear such a big disaster in life? How can the hills betray you and suicide over the cost of you and hundreds of life that you have been living with? How much painful it is for you to bear the death of hundreds of lives that you have nurtured for thousands of years? How are you bearing the devastation that you are facing right now? And how silent you are ? 

I know you have bear so much in life, seen so much of life ~ birth, growth and death of the people you lived with. You have been facing it all your life. Yet you flow all the time eternally continuing your life, moving on yourself, flowing towards the eternity. But hearsay, you have been obstructed, your movement curtailed and suddenly you are not flowing and you are stagnant now. How can I bear to see you stagnant in your life Sunkoshi? How can a flowing river be suddenly stopped and stuck and imprisoned? Continue reading


In the eternally flowing river

of love-  the Sunkoshi

I dip myself in and

Get transformed into the

Eternal Sunkeshari Rani -the golden hair queen Continue reading