Rainy Date !!!!

Just a mere imagination….!!! ( written from a guy’s perspective )

While the clouds start falling and making everything wet…Something inside me gets energized….something starts getting emotional… and I become more and more romantic…and when I think of you in this stage of romantica my heart starts pounding up…and I start imagining the time…the most beautiful time….

I sms you…saying “its raining dear…how are you ?, you might catch cold dear…do take care…and please don’t go anywhere in rain” . But inside my mind things are different dear…I think of you and me in the air….( ha ha rhyming ) I mean in the rain…

I know how much you love rain dear, so I am planning a rainy date for us…You and I , an umbrella and rain…only rain…and of course our favourite “Coffee” ….and nothing else…

Let the rain, rain such that it is so moderate…sim-sim-sim ( Hehey! ) Not sim-sim-sim…a little more than that… Continue reading

Blue Mimosa….

Photo clicked by a fren !!!

Photo clicked by a fren !!!

Something I fantasize a lot, something that makes me feel so cool and something that I love truly from my heart. This arouse a feeling in me. A feeling that makes me feel so good. Reminds me of so many things. A grand treat for eyes. The blue environment , I feel so wonderful. I enjoy this blue environment whenever i behold these beautiful flowers on the tree and on the ground……A cool chill i feel inside, a feeling that’s so great.

“Blue Mimosa “, we call it Siris Ko Phul is something that I call a grand treat from nature ( esp for me ). This reminds me of the novel by Parijat, everytime I remember the description of this Siris Ko Phul…..thats so lively and thats so much heart touching.

Thanks to you who clicked a picture of Siris ko Phul….

Loved it….