Closed Door

A closed door

Your heart is

I lost the unlocking key

If I was granted the password of it

I was not eligible to get it

Mysterious you were, obviously was the door

It was to remain close

For endless time and more

Let the wind open Continue reading


Celebrating your absence

You went away but forgot to take away your backpack of sweet memories….

Your love is like- : Like a sweet slumber after a really tiresome day, like a small moment when you are lying on the bed awake and suddenly you fall asleep without knowing when you sleep. Your love is like the moment that separates conscious and the unconscious, while you are about to sleep…so precious, so magical. The feeling of being unconscious of the world because you are present and all other is absent in mind. It is like the moment when you occupy my mind and mind thinks nothing else than you, the most cherish-able moment and when I am suddenly conscious, the feeling of shyness that I am thinking about you all the time. This fills the vacant, truly. Your love is like the feeling which arises when you put on your summer clothes saying good bye to the big jackets, overcoats, socks, mufflers and many more woolen stuffs. It is a like the feeling of freedom, the cool breeze that hits you right in the face. Your love is again like the feeling of warmth, when your legs are shaking because of cold and you put on everything that makes you warm. Your love is this feeling of warmth in every part of the body and heart especially. Your love changes time Continue reading

A Yogini

I am seeing it all and it is so strange. They are undressing him. They are doing something I haven’t ever seen.
What are they doing is the question? I have no idea. Such is life; I should not be emotional, else I will break down right here.
I should not have come here to see what has always been prohibited in for my gender.
“Take her away, girls will break down if they see this”, Baba had yelled and Ma had hurriedly covered my eyes with her hand. I hadn’t seen anything expect fumes from the spaces between my mum’s fingers. The smell had been bad; subsequently, I had collapsed.
I should not have come here to see this. What if I collapse again? Who will take care of me?
I am a brave woman now. I should face this. I should be like the sun and the rivers; I should live life without collapsing again.
A faint smell of vodka, I love vodka now. I have become used to it and don’t feel the shame anymore. When you have nothing, you have nothing to worry about. No, I am not losing. I won’t lose. I will hold on tightly, stop and fight with those on my way. I can’t lose at any cost.
“Om Nama Shivaya”, the yogi in black is chanting. Why has he worn such a dreadful dress? Continue reading