Happy Anniversary – Coffee House!

It feels like it was yesterday, I started something called blog and now it has already been Seven Years- For past Seven Years, Dear Blog you have been something my own like Woolf would say, “A Room of One’s Own”. Definitely a woman needs a room of her own actually men need it too. This blog has been my space- a room of my own, something that I own, something that I call mine – just mine. How easy it has been made by the technology? I would have scribbled everything to my small diary and locked it somewhere! But here in this space of my own, I not only scribble for the sake of scribbling but I also record my own country, society, me-myself – or let me put it this way- this space has been a way of recording a different history through a lens of a Nepali woman.  This is where I express the unexpressed feelings, the emotions and sometimes when my voice is not heard- this space becomes my outcry! And this is a space where I Excavate Freedom! Continue reading

A year…..

August 7…..2008….

A magical day….guess what I started blogging….this very day…today is the very day….just 200(9)…..8 has been replaced by 9…this is evidence that its been a year…posting things here in this “Coffee House”….just a mere blog….

Unaware…I was….with just a suggestion….I opened…this…without knowing the meaning of “blog”, without knowing to use internet  other than chatting….( hehe)…. Continue reading