A year…..

August 7…..2008….

A magical day….guess what I started blogging….this very day…today is the very day….just 200(9)…..8 has been replaced by 9…this is evidence that its been a year…posting things here in this “Coffee House”….just a mere blog….

Unaware…I was….with just a suggestion….I opened…this…without knowing the meaning of “blog”, without knowing to use internet  other than chatting….( hehe)….

This blog changed me a lot, I grew up… from those silly posts…. I used to post…sometimes three / four per day…I grew up…I became mature…while blogging…slowly and gradually knowing that …this is what a blog is…and definitely a blog can bring a lot of change….I can feel it….because I have found myself changed…a lot..with blogging….

It was a networking as well, I got to know so many people…with a single post about “Sano Sansar”…this blog became popular…I mean to say that visitors…increased…and I found many friends…virtual friends..I found many blogs…bloggers….

I found the blogging world fascinating…..more than the word fascinating is….the greatest thing is “I grew up with this blog”.

My thanks to the one….who taught me this…I will call you teacher… Reverend Teacher…..no more words…I shall make you proud….someday….


23 Responses

  1. Dear Sweti,
    How can I forget the Sano Sansar review post? And of course it was through the very post that we came to know each other – that coffee in Jazzabell… wasn’t that great? And having so many things in common… you are a person whom I never knew, and yet knew so much! Paradoxical na?

    Congrats for the first anniversary, and all the best for the endless anniversaries to come. I am sure we will get to read more fascinating posts in the days to come, and yeah, I am also sure, that in the mean time, we will witness a really grown-up Sweti… 🙂

    Congrats again… and best wishes for a blissful and successful blogging journey!

    love, and regards,
    your blogging friends, poo! 🙂

  2. Congrats on completing one full year of happy blogging. Love to read many more.. in years to come.. 😀

  3. श्वेता,

    १ बर्षे यात्रा पुरा गरेको मा धेरै बधाइ एवम् शुभकामना ! हुन त मैले यो ब्लग पढ्न थालेको ७-८ महिना हुँदैछ, तर यति चाँहि भन्छु कि, सुरु देखि कै पोष्टहरु पढेको छु, १-२ वटा छुटेको भए अर्कै कुरा ! हाहाहा

    ब्लग भन्ने नै यस्तै छ नशा जस्तो । चाहेर पनि छोड्न नसकिने नशा हो यो । अनि ब्लगसँगै जोडिएर आउने ब्लगिङ दुनिँया का साथिहरु, अनि ब्लगमा आफूले लेखेका कुराहरु !

    साँच्चै, पहिले लेखेका कुराहरु अहिले पढ्दा एकदम रमाइलो लाग्छ । त्यसैले पनि कहिलेकाहिँ म पुराना पोष्टहरुमा डुलिराको हुन्छु । साँच्चै, ब्लग नभएको भए, यी कुराहरु कहाँ लेख्थ्यौ ? अनि तिमीले यति राम्रो लेख्छौ भनेर कसले थाहापाउँथे हैन र ? जेहोस्, यो ब्लगिङ ले जोडिदिएको सम्बन्ध जो छ, साँच्चै रमाइलो छ । इन्टरनेट च्याट गर्न मात्र नभइकन, आफ्ना कुराहरु राख्न पनि हो भनेर त तिमीले आफैँले माथि भनिसकेकी छौ ।

    अनि यो पनि हो कि, तिम्रो ब्लग र ब्लगिङ म धेरै नजिक बाट नियालिरहेकोछु । कहिले कविता त कहिले कथा, अनि कहिलेकाँहि आफ्ना मन का मनोवादहरु पढ्दा साँच्चै साह्रै रमाइलो लाग्छ, अनि तिनै पोष्टहरु अनुसार, तिम्रा मुडहरु पनि थाहा हुन्छन् । हाहाहा

    खैर, जेहोस्, १ वर्ष अगाडि सुरु भएको ब्लगिङ, जिवनपर्यन्त चल्दैरहोस्, अनि यस्तै यस्तै कहिले सुख का अनि कहिले दुख का अनुभुतिहरु पढ्नपाइरहियोस् । पक्कै पनि लेखाइमा निखारता आउँदैगएको छ, अनि विश्वास छ, यसमा झनै बढि निखारता आउँछ । अन्त्यमा, फेरी पनि ब्लगलाई जन्मदिन को शुभकामना दिँदै, तिमी अनि तिम्रो ब्लग को उत्तरोउत्तर प्रगति को कामना गर्दछु । ह्‍याप्पी ब्लगिङ 😉


  4. जिंदगीको हरेक पनामा नयापनको आभाष मिलोष ….. Happy Birthday स्वेतब!नु

  5. (: smells like party 😀
    virusA brings 1 mainbati, cake, topiii n murder knife:D
    “appy birfday to u….. appy birfday to u”

    lu thotiii bhanda bhanda euta dat pani niski sakecha thotii ko:) ek barsaki bhayecha yo blog nanii :D…seems like it was jus hijooo

    cud hardly remember when i started commenting on your blog but u were preety matured even then….
    hehe …..keep goin :thumbs up needless to say
    my wises r always there 🙂

  6. ….Ametya is also one of ur student who wants to learn tp live the life with happiness and full of joy that the swetbanu is living… Swetbanu has a lot of suffocation inside of her..each one has …but she knows how to spread love and happiness to the surrounding ….

    swetbanu …..let us (the readers) feel the life that u r living so that we could also get the enjoyment of life …

    Once again …Happy Birthday to sweet Swetbanu

  7. Hey Congrats… I’m grateful to ur blog for giving me a nice and sweet friend (I won’t say the name.. 😀 , I hope U know…)…
    May ur blog live till the Eternal (ur word)….
    With Best Wishes…. 🙂

  8. lou aaja Coffee House 1 barsha pura bhayechha… congratue…. u have done really nice write up… tc

  9. Congratulations!!! on your 1st anniversary, I know it takes a lot of hard work & dedication to keep your blog up & going. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway, & I appreciate all your time & effort for keeping up the blog!.. & of course, I can’t miss “The Unseen Dream” which u gave me to chance searching my eyes on ur article….for me it was first….thanx a lot ,again congrats….dear
    Best wishes

  10. Congratulation Bune.

    Badhai ho badhai on 1st annivery of COFFEE HOUSE !!!!
    Coffee house changed you, It also change we readers as well.
    You grew up with this blog. We also found oxigen for us from it. I love ur Poems and monologues.

    Keep your wrting up.
    It’s not enough to count. But it’s first step to see own happyness and gain and others gesture.

    Wish you all the best………………….

  11. Coffee House lai 1 barsa hurkai badhai yahan samma puryaun sakekoma hardik badhai. yo 1 barsa chunauti ka din haru thiye jun bela yo birami parna sakthyo, marna sakthyo. but timro syahar le yo ramrai sanga hurkana payo. ajha hurkayera thulo banau taki hami pani dherai gaurawanwit huna pau, esto ramro blog payera.

  12. Dear All,

    Thanks for the wonderful wishes…..

    @ Poonam : Yes, we were so unknown and yet so known to eachother….I can never forget that wonderful cup of coffee….and Yes one post of Sano Sansar..brought us together……and i got such an wonderful friend….

    @ Andrew : I wish I can do what you have said 😉

    @ Aakar : The most fascinating blogger full of passion and the blog Aakarpost….I was dazzled when I had deko of your blog….Never stumbled upon such an wonderful blog….and I know…you have read all those posts…. 😉 and yes Blogging is addiction…..Thanks for wonderful comment…..

    @ Ametya : Haha…Is Ametya my student….? Well, I must say I have no words….and thanks for describing me such an way…..I wonder …..if I am like that…..

    @ Virus A : I know how u used to read all of those Hi5 Journals….and comment on it…and I know u r an ardent reader….too..”thoti” re…haha….MOMO cancelled…

    @ Kishor : Yes I feel the same ….I wish to continue it till Eternal….

    @ Rajan : Thanks…pugyo ni 1 barsha 😉

    @ Darshan :…….Well I wonder how you remember that story “The unseen Dreams”…..hehe 😉 I hav already forgotten that one…Thanks….dearest friend…..I know although you don’t comment…You have read almost everything of this blog…..

    @ Dhaiba Dada : I am grateful to have you as a brother…Blogger Brother….thanks for loving it…with all of your love…I can grow more and more…

    @ Jeewan : Though new…and unknown ( in the sense that we have not seen eachother ) after working in the same institution…I was amazed at your comments…. thanks for liking this blog…

    To all ,

    Thanks once again….for support and wishes….

  13. तपाईलाई बधाई छ है मेरो पनि।

  14. Thank you Durjaya ji…
    Welcome to Coffee House…. 😉

  15. Congratulations and best wishes!

  16. Thank you Basanta Dai ….

  17. I think I ‘m bit late, but as they say Better late, than never.

    Congratulations and Happy blogging !!

  18. Congratulations Sweta Ji !! I wish you all the best for the continuation and further success in blogging.

    Happy Blogging !! 🙂

  19. COngratulations for one year long journey. Blog is in fact addiction. If you try to get out of this addiction you will miss many thing. Blogging is one kind of addiction which will always make your writing habit better.

  20. Thank you so much

    Dilip Dai , Sujan Didi and Binita….

  21. jamma 1 barshama nai afno lekhankala bata ettika pathak batulna safal bhayekoma badhai cha ani aba aaune dinharuma jhan yo bhanda pani ramro ani sashakta lekhharu padhna paincha bhanne aash ka sathai antim patak feri pani congratulation for ur 1st anniversary.

  22. k rea:? MOMO cancled 😥
    sry i got that ticket waste….
    xm lea bg chu:(…
    keep bloging 🙂

  23. congratulation for ur first successful anniversary. wish u all the best for ur futere also n happy blogging

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