Above the clouds !!

Just want escape…with this hectic..some how hectic..or pretending hectic schedule of life..want to go above the clouds…

Escape..!! is my favorite word now..because I want to escape. I know exactly that  circular movement .. circle doesn’t have any ends, does it.

Moving since morning and till evening…

Who told Sysypus is not alive..He is alive. He is not mythical. Syspus is within us. We have so much preserved his presence that I sometime feel that I am a Sysypus. A circular movement, No any connection with any ends..on my own way..on my own path..walking like i know nothing. I have learnt to ignore things..I have learnt to boycott things. Continue reading

Death be not proud !!!

Title is adapted from John Donne’s sonnet ” Death Be not Proud“.

Death is a mystery….

Well, I have not encountered death…To meet him/her I need to die once…Do I want to die ?  This time…No , of course I am scared of death…Why John Donne wrote that poem asking death not to be proud…? Why not Death should be proud ? It has got power. It takes life away…We battle a lot…we are battling till now…each day..everyday…and in the end…we lose…every time…every time…and every time….We lose in each battle… Continue reading