Above the clouds !!

Just want escape…with this hectic..some how hectic..or pretending hectic schedule of life..want to go above the clouds…

Escape..!! is my favorite word now..because I want to escape. I know exactly that  circular movement .. circle doesn’t have any ends, does it.

Moving since morning and till evening…

Who told Sysypus is not alive..He is alive. He is not mythical. Syspus is within us. We have so much preserved his presence that I sometime feel that I am a Sysypus. A circular movement, No any connection with any ends..on my own way..on my own path..walking like i know nothing. I have learnt to ignore things..I have learnt to boycott things. I have learn to ignore and boycott people before they do it to me.

Feels like I am being quite bad to those I boycotted from life…but they had hurt…Why people don’t even think while hurting? I never hurt anyone then why people hurt me so much. Why this emotional self..emotional attitude is creating a downfall.

Emotional downfall I must say that I am feeling and suffering. Well , sitting in this same chair for years is really monotonous. same thing repeating for so long. A circular movement I feel…moving round and round and round.

Why we can’t be just ourselves? I am just pissed off pretending…and pretending. Why I need to be like others want. Why just I can’t be what I want to be?


Yes ! I want to fling my arms…and be free as a bird…flying above the clouds.. Why people can’t accept things as they are…Why they want things as per their desire? Why they want to change the things for their satisfaction?

I just want to be carefree….as a bird..no care for anyone who does not care…no care for anyone who are so arrogant…no care for anything…..

I prefer boycotting things…rather than being hurt for the things which don’t have any existence…I am a fool….I know..to have so many expectations from so many things…so many people…People who are so indifferent towards…me..who are so much self centered…want to pass time..for their satisfaction….for their wish…..I prefer boycotting..that won’t leave me dropping tears…

Again , it is so much uncertain..things are so much uncertain…I had planned to boycott this seat I am sitting…but see I am typing sitting here only…funny….but for people…I don’t have any option….I prefer boycotting….

Sysypusian journey continues…making a circle of life….round and round and round….no any escape…anytime….

Yes ! The Journey continues !!!

Wishing to be above the clouds….

3 Responses

  1. I wish u to be above the clouds too….. 🙂

  2. सकरात्मक चिन्तन बाहेक अर्को कुनै विकल्प छैन यार !

  3. Yeah, learn to give little wings to yourself and let yourself fly…I’m happy to learn that you are moving ahead- fly, fly, up and above the clouds in the sky! 😉

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