Scribble in the aeroplane

While taking a returning flight home to simulacra ( Louisville) ~ I read poems in the packet but ended up scribbling poems in the Orange folder  itself…and with LEFT HAND 🙂


A coffee poem

The poem of Coffee

The sweetness I discarded

Long ago

As a fashion or style

Turned out to be a habit ~ so bad

How can one enjoy

Bitterness as a “Choice”

Everytime when I get

A cup of warm coffee

The black one, deep deep black

I enjoy this obsession of

Forced Bitterness

Am I fake?

Or is the coffee without Sugar?

( Written after getting a cup of coffee from the Flight attendant)


The poem of affection

The poem of affection

When you are cold

I transfer my heat to you

By rubbing hands

And with the warmth of my small heart

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