Scribble in the aeroplane

While taking a returning flight home to simulacra ( Louisville) ~ I read poems in the packet but ended up scribbling poems in the Orange folder  itself…and with LEFT HAND 🙂


A coffee poem

The poem of Coffee

The sweetness I discarded

Long ago

As a fashion or style

Turned out to be a habit ~ so bad

How can one enjoy

Bitterness as a “Choice”

Everytime when I get

A cup of warm coffee

The black one, deep deep black

I enjoy this obsession of

Forced Bitterness

Am I fake?

Or is the coffee without Sugar?

( Written after getting a cup of coffee from the Flight attendant)


The poem of affection

The poem of affection

When you are cold

I transfer my heat to you

By rubbing hands

And with the warmth of my small heart

I share my heat for

Kicking away your cold

But I can do that only

When I receive your cold

And give you my heat

My dear Sister,

Who will warm me?

( Written for a Vietanemese friend cum sister who becomes cold in AC and I make her hands warm ~ just remembering her when she is not sitting beside me in the seat)

The poem of stars

The poem of stars


Who says stars are

In the sky always?

When your world is

Upside down..

Stars move to

Shine in the grounds…

Shimmering and glittering

Not just golden

But as many colors

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2 Responses

  1. ❤ Beautiful as always 🙂

  2. Thank you for reading Upashana (:

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