God and Men

Old Testament said that God created woman out of Men’s RIBS…Women are made feeble …But Why? No, this is not the feminist thing I am writing. But just trying to figure out where the history went so wrong and we established our foundation in that history. We based ourselves in that history and worked accordingly , pretended accordingly and lived accordingly.

Our teacher was teaching Feminist theory, which gave me the insight how women were in the same condition in the Western countries too. Then I sat and thought. Here, we have the same level of domination and cheating. Cheating in the sense that women are being cheated every time by the men. Looking back to the mythical era, we find abundant examples where women were cheated by the male gods.

God -omnipotent, omnipresent and whatever other adjectives describes him, he cheated women in different forms. The first example that has clicked my head is Lord Shiva who cheated a 7 year old small child disguising himself in the form of 70 year old man. He married her to take revenge by cheating, and made her pregnant and fled away. Although this is a mythical story and it can be believed hardly but when we think upon it from the literary perspective,isn’t this story too annoying. “A seven year old girl being married to 70 year old man”, what more example of cheating can be sought.

Another example can be drawn from Lord Bishnu, who cheated monster ( rakchas) Jalandhar’s wife Birani who was very much faithful to her husband. According to the myth, Jalandhar could only die if his wife will have physical relation with other men. Some fight occurred between Jalandhar and God ( Shiva or someone else, I forgot ) then Lord Bishnu disguised himself in th Continue reading