God and Men

Old Testament said that God created woman out of Men’s RIBS…Women are made feeble …But Why? No, this is not the feminist thing I am writing. But just trying to figure out where the history went so wrong and we established our foundation in that history. We based ourselves in that history and worked accordingly , pretended accordingly and lived accordingly.

Our teacher was teaching Feminist theory, which gave me the insight how women were in the same condition in the Western countries too. Then I sat and thought. Here, we have the same level of domination and cheating. Cheating in the sense that women are being cheated every time by the men. Looking back to the mythical era, we find abundant examples where women were cheated by the male gods.

God -omnipotent, omnipresent and whatever other adjectives describes him, he cheated women in different forms. The first example that has clicked my head is Lord Shiva who cheated a 7 year old small child disguising himself in the form of 70 year old man. He married her to take revenge by cheating, and made her pregnant and fled away. Although this is a mythical story and it can be believed hardly but when we think upon it from the literary perspective,isn’t this story too annoying. “A seven year old girl being married to 70 year old man”, what more example of cheating can be sought.

Another example can be drawn from Lord Bishnu, who cheated monster ( rakchas) Jalandhar’s wife Birani who was very much faithful to her husband. According to the myth, Jalandhar could only die if his wife will have physical relation with other men. Some fight occurred between Jalandhar and God ( Shiva or someone else, I forgot ) then Lord Bishnu disguised himself in the form of Jalandhar and then cheated Birani..and Jalandhar died and Birani cursed Lord Bishnu.

What most important example can be other than Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna has cheated 1600 gopinis…Radha his beloved by marrying Rukmani. How much pain Radha got with that betrayal. Lord Krishna married other women as well but Radha. We don’t worship Rukmani with Krishna but we do worship Krishna -Radha. But they are not officially married, are they? ( I don’t think so).

Now, when we talk about the present time , girls get cheated by various men, in various ways. The feelings are cheated, the belief are cheated. We cannot spare the history. The history repeats until it gets changed.

P.S. Not all men are same though and this is not a feminist piece of writing.


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  1. Good Piece of writing… But you are blaming only men… 😛 though you have written not all men are same and this is not a feminist piece of writing….

    My understanding is that, those myths are only a story…Otherwise if we dig on so called myths, we will find many stories where female cheated male…. 😛

    And even if we look the history, in power there were female. We can take an example of Queen Rajendra Laxmi… And in our history many times, Female (Queen) were set into power…

    And in this modern age too…socially, male are dominant…but in many case female are dominant… And also it depends on the situation and perception, of one how they think and behave….

    This is bit confusing, but I agree with you male are most dominant in our universe…


  2. I agree with you. But recently I found an interesting article in ‘Hima Khabarpatrika’ that many men working hard in gulf and other countries are being cheated by their wives. When they come back they find their wives eloped with another man with their hard earned money.
    Just an example of modern society, I’m not trying to prove anything though.. 🙂

  3. “Physically women are weaker than Men”. People are sophisticating and strengthing the statement on basis of myths and epics. But I don’t think that it is true.

    On the present situation, women bear responsibility either in relation or in the organization more than a men. This appears that women are doing much more excercise than men for the establishment of the home or society. This is due to the women nature and the interest of spending resources which are directly visible from outside. But if we talk about men, they are not cooking the food, not washing the dishes or cloths, but I hope women are realizing that how a man creates resources. In few of cases women are also participating for such activities, but that is optional.

    If we are talking about the cheating of women by men and Sweta ji, You presented such examples which were just some fictions. Neither such accidents had ever happened in the past neither it is possible today or tommorrow. The fiction was created by a person from his perspective.

    In the historic time or in the past, women were speciallized for only household jobs and Gardenery. And most of time men spent the time in war in goverment sector and in production in social sector. Women play a supporting role in both the cases. While creating the strategy to win the race, the writer used women. This doesn’t mean that women were dominated, this is due to the reason that men used everything which is in his surrounding.

    [Just imagine: if all the responsibility of men and women were reversed in the fiction, what will you say?]

    The current situation is the equalism of men and women. In some of cases male are dominating women and in most of the cases women are dominating. Harrashing emotionally for certain reason ………………… Both are equally participating for all the mutual events. The cause of dominating each other may be different.

    Trying everything is males’ nature. But he will never swim on the pool where there is no water.

  4. Good Going Of Your Pen !

  5. why do you keep stating that this isnt a feminist piece of writing? it is, and it should be. there is nothing wrong with feminism, it should be celebrated and women should feel empowered and proud to call themselves feminists.

    by feminists, i dont mean extreme radicals who believe that men should be ostracised and women be put in their place. but feminists who work for an equal society, where women are treated just the same as men.

    mr uddhav nepal is greatly mistaken if he thinks that currently men and women are equal. most of the world, including the West, is patriarchal. just because there are a few women in power here and there doesn’t make it an equal society. there is little equality anywhere. women are taken advantage of everywhere.

    its about time feminism took hold in women.

  6. Thank you all..

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