Winter Memories~ #KtmKatha

Dijju: (My Aunt, Sister) This picture was taken sometime during 2015 while we were returning from our regular visit to temple!

Dijju: (My Aunt, Sister)
This picture was taken sometime during 2015 while we were returning from our regular visit to temple! The poem is dedicated to her!


You would warm your palms
In the burning coal
Put them on my cold rosy cheeks
Because, you know Kathmandu used to be so cold.
You would brew warm cup of tea,
To hear my nonsense over it.
I would complain, it is too cold.
I would complain, Life is hard.
And, you laugh over it and say~
Tell me something new!
Then, we would laugh!
Dear Dijju, (Sister)
Lafayette was -3 last time!
I yearned for everything~
Tea and talk besides warmth.


We would sit over the gas heater
Switch on Television for the regular Hindi Serials
Over the LED light that glowed only over the ceiling,
And, sometimes candle.
Because, Kathmandu suffered load shedding 🙂
I would read Tales from “Swasthani Barta Katha”,
And, you will fall asleep!
And~ I would keep on reading without complaining
Sometimes, we would discuss
How women were treated in the time of “Gods”? Continue reading


Call it Love (:

Call  It  Love


The fingers I touched

Hiding under the plate

I passed to you

Did you know ~ you passed me your current too?

Igniting a fire in me

With your soft touch

Under the moon

But burning inside were you too

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In the bank of Bhotekoshi ..

While you are stagnant, I find myself in you

While you are stagnant, I find myself entangled with you. ( Taken at Lumbini)

The dimming eyes and shrinking face,

Cheeks you have touched,

Do you remember how rosy they were ?

You promised me

To bring home the golden earrings,

That would light up my face,

And end Continue reading

Mythical Bytes

Why I regenerate heart….everyday…

Like Prometheus’s liver….

To have it eaten….by a eagle….

Why do I roll up the boulder ?

Like Sisyphus does….

To have it fall again from the top…

“Myth or Reality”

Or is it Mythical Reality… ?

Clouds fall as Rain

There in the sky I saw something special…

Something white shining in the sun so bright..

The burning thing there in the sky…

I am here with thing pounding nside..

Palpitation I felt while I behold…the bright sky

A feeling so strange..

There sun shines..there the cloud lies..

I felt palpitaion..

The pounding thing is having rest now…

Seeing the amazing  sky…

Sliver-lining cloud shining in the bright sun..

Amazing I felt yes for the first time…

But could not realize that Cloud falls as Rain…

Definitely, it fell as the rain..

Making me wet..

Making me feel chill and clod..

At first I was I screamed -: “I don’t want rain to wet my soul ”

No soul was not wet..only body was wet…

Cloud fell as Rain…making me cool…

The feeling so cool..

Calming …yes the fire…

Cloud fell as rain…

Wetting my soul..

Cloud fell asa rain…

Letting me “Move on “