In the bank of Bhotekoshi ..

While you are stagnant, I find myself in you

While you are stagnant, I find myself entangled with you. ( Taken at Lumbini)

The dimming eyes and shrinking face,

Cheeks you have touched,

Do you remember how rosy they were ?

You promised me

To bring home the golden earrings,

That would light up my face,

And end all our miseries

While you had left me here in the bank of Koshi,

And set off to the “Bhot”

While you returned

You came flowing with Koshi

Transforming yourself into the flowing liquid

Becoming the eternal “Bhotekoshi”


I wait you inside the bank of Koshi

and also for the promised golden earrings.

In mood you flow over me on and on —

Touching me, drenching me inside the bank of Koshi,

Virtually, I achieve you,

But in reality —

Together, when shall we be ??

~ written at the bank of the Bhotekoshi river on March 24


3 Responses

  1. those two trees looks to be hugging eachother;) nice one keep on:)

  2. Nice poem. But if I am allowed to be critical, I am not happy with the picture that you have posted. River in plains for the Bhotekoshi poem…. ?

  3. I take your comment very positively. I did n’t had any pictures of Bhotekoshi as such so I used this picture. As soon as I get some nice picture then I will change it 🙂

    Thank u for comment 🙂

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