Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles at Gurukul…

And, Odepius Rex ‘s Tickets were selling like the hot cakes…that’s why I was disappointed Saturday…but not on Sunday….

Oedipus Rex begins with the city plagued..and people have gathered around his palace. Oedipus has been made King of Thebes in gratitude for his freeing the people from the presence of the riddling Sphinx. Since Laius, the former king, had shortly before been killed, Oedipus has been married to Queen Jocasta and has children with her.

Once again Thebes is in problem and people want Oedipus to rescue them. Creon, Queen Jocasta’s brother has been sent to God Apollo who return with the news that the cause of plague is because of criminal who has killed King Laius. Then a blind seer,Tiresias is called and he reveals that Oedipus is himself the killer…and is son of King Laius and husband to his own mother. In outrage and anger Oedipus  imposes on the penalty of exile  for the murderer of Laius.

Queen Jocasta, however says that King Laius had been killed by robbers years later at the junction of three roads on the route to Delphi. Continue reading

Death be not proud !!!

Title is adapted from John Donne’s sonnet ” Death Be not Proud“.

Death is a mystery….

Well, I have not encountered death…To meet him/her I need to die once…Do I want to die ?  This time…No , of course I am scared of death…Why John Donne wrote that poem asking death not to be proud…? Why not Death should be proud ? It has got power. It takes life away…We battle a lot…we are battling till now…each day..everyday…and in the end…we lose…every time…every time…and every time….We lose in each battle… Continue reading