Blue Mimosa….

Photo clicked by a fren !!!

Photo clicked by a fren !!!

Something I fantasize a lot, something that makes me feel so cool and something that I love truly from my heart. This arouse a feeling in me. A feeling that makes me feel so good. Reminds me of so many things. A grand treat for eyes. The blue environment , I feel so wonderful. I enjoy this blue environment whenever i behold these beautiful flowers on the tree and on the ground……A cool chill i feel inside, a feeling that’s so great.

“Blue Mimosa “, we call it Siris Ko Phul is something that I call a grand treat from nature ( esp for me ). This reminds me of the novel by Parijat, everytime I remember the description of this Siris Ko Phul…..thats so lively and thats so much heart touching.

Thanks to you who clicked a picture of Siris ko Phul….

Loved it….


13 Responses

  1. Hmmm….seeing this……….SIRISH KO FUL padhu padhu lagyo ….

  2. शिरिष को फूल, एउटा उपन्यास ! एउटा फूल ! फूल ले निलै भएका रुखहरु अनि ढाकिएको रोड, बगैँचा, मिठो सुगन्ध । धन्य छ, शिरिष को फूललाई !

  3. Really, walking in the street full of Blue Mimosa near Tri Chandra College, creates magic in heart.. nice observation Sweta.. We just see and forget, you have given nice words to it… 🙂

  4. Road covered with Blue Mimosa is a wonderful scene to see early in the morning. Just stop and capture this fresh image in your heart, I’m sure you will have a great day. Simply Hallucinating

  5. I agree with you! When the flowers of blue mimosa blossom along the streets of Kathmandu, it’s then that I have a feeling that after all, Kathmandu is not soooo ugly. It’s so beautiful, so serene, so soothing! WOW, it’s awesome na? On my trip to Pokhara, I also saw red mimosa. They were beautiful too… Your writing provoked that ‘beautiful feelings’ inside me! Great going Sweta… Keep it up!

  6. tara Paarizat le yo shirish ko ful laai kati kamjor ful banai diyeki chhin… Shirisko ful..ek bhraman chumban mai oili jharchha…. The novel which can be equally criticized as both good and bad!!

  7. Well, it depends on how you interprete…right ? Siris ko ful is very delicate…if you look that way,,,,thats a speciality not a Kamjori rajan….

  8. thanks i was not sure whether this flower itself is mimossa or not

  9. k maile sirish ko ful online bata padhna pauchhu?

  10. Sirish ko phul 1dam padha na man lagya ko cha

  11. kina ra thapa ji, hard copy bhetaunu bhayena ra tapaile? actually kitab bata padhda jati aananda aauchha teti aananda online padhda aaudaina.
    so i suggest you to get book instead of reading online.

  12. siris ko phul is really beautiful. it looks peace and cool.

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