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Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source:

Happy Birthday Coffee House ( Source:

Had always a flair for writing, reading — It started with writing diary — short poems advocating Child Rights then under the teenagey -whims — the poems turned Romantic– Whoa! Then it turned out to be secret letters or or secret love poems of love written for the then crushes (which were hyper-romantic) only to be read in front of best buddies — it was 2000- onwards. I still remember a line “He will be in Tuxedo and I in red flowing gown/ He asks why are you so shy/ You are looking at me that’s why” . I feel funny now!

After school friends were left behind and I went to seek my own destiny — all alone — Diary writing became rigorous. I wrote a lot of pages — of just everything — poems, monologues, frustrations or even about the movies I watched or places I visit or about my Chinese classes. — Then after learning Chinese language — to keep my diary secret I began writing in Chinese — It was 2004-6. When I look back it now — I don’t understand my own Chinese writing 😦 — but I want to read what was such a big secret for me that time — I really want to get back to myself.

Internet was so fascinating– Many friends were flying abroad — Many senior cousins were already in USA — Email writing became a hobby — Also when I had to write Emails to Dad’s frens on “” – Email writing became a hobby. MSN became more lovelier — when you could talk with your friends Hi5 was so fascinating –then there was a section which attracted me — Journal. Then when I read my friend’s journals — I was so tempted to write my own. This was 2007.

2008 – Gifted with me this blog – a space of my own – a room of one’s own (Like Virginia Woolf said)– It was a crazy moment- suddenly you were on the web — blog was as much as like a personal website — your poems, stories, monologues are not just limited to you diary — it was accessible to a large swathe of public. More fascinating was your blog was on google too 🙂 :). Blog became a passion, craziness for writing evolved. It was also because people started reading you, praising your writings and making comments.

2009 – Continued with the passion for writing, I knew more friends, I made more friends, I read more blogs like mine — a network of bloggers was formed — Coffee House became my identity — where I excavated freedom out of myself — my writings. It led me to publish my first fiction in “The Kathmandu Post” — the feeling of the first published story was beyond normal — it made me so happy.

2010 — The posts were turning slow — I wrote less but I must say — it became more rational other than just a vent of inner desires. The jejune blog started to grow up — more readers’ -national and international readers, followers started.  The frequency didn’t matter much — the blogs were more weighty ( I feel so).

2011- Time management was very difficult — but at times I feel I was lost somewhere — I didn’t open blogs for days, weeks sometimes — I faced a difficult writer’s block — however when I wrote here — I found solace — Series of November Rain became popular ( It was popular since 2009 ) — My lovely readers ( though very few of them ) still wait for the post which makes me write on and on 🙂

2012 – Writer’s block continued to haunt me — I couldn’t couldn’t write! I don’t know but then I managed to post some posts– some poems when I felt wind — felt the freshness of flowing river or sometimes a reminiscence of past — which often makes me poetic.

2013 — With a five year old blog — what else I feel now — Feel very very happy that at least this is somewhere -where I vent myself the way I want — apart from personal longings, jottings or scribbling – Now I feel I am a responsible writer for my society 🙂 … I have developed this desire for someday publishing a book — 🙂 🙂 and all credit goes to my blog — I feel owed Dear Coffee House.. You continue to be my secret passion, secret love and secret place where I can find myself

Happy Fifth Birthday to you !


4 Responses

  1. keep writing… miss sweta ji…. 🙂
    gud going….

  2. Thank you dear Beck dai 🙂

  3. Congratulations on 5 years! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Too funny about you Chinese writing. I guess that can be motivation for a refresher course 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading some of your previous posts.

  4. Thank you Maizu 🙂 🙂

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